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Who else likes a cheeky weekend break?? ME TOO!! Our most recent one was to the beautiful Valencia. A city in mainland spain with lots of cultural vibes!! 

This trip was well planned out as it wasn’t just your average weekend break. We flew to Valencia to see my beautiful cousin marry the man of her dreams. After living there for 4 years they recently moved back to the UK, but how could they say ‘I DO’ anywhere other than their beautiful city?!

Now there is soooo much to see in this great city but we kept in mind that our children would be with us, so we had to have abit of fun too!!

With that in mind our first stop was to Valencia’s stunning BioParc.

This isnt just your basic zoo/wildlife park. Apart from their huge range of different species, none of the animals are locked in cages!! Now they arent free to come eat you (can you imagine a lion just strolling upto you!!) but there are no bars!! Lots of roaming space, waterfalls, mini lakes, trees, it’s jujst amazing!! This is a MUST see attrection if you visit Valencia with or without children. It’s just simply breath taking. It cost us around 118 euros to get in for the 6 of us. You’re not allowed to take your own food in so no picnics (sad face) food was abit pricey compared to what you could have in a restraunt outside of the park, but they do plenty of snacks which are alot more affordable!! They have different activites throughout the day such as a bird show, feeding time with different animals and a small cinema room (we didnt see this as it was way too hot to be sitting inside). There is plenty to see and do here for all ages!! 

The elephants we our absolute favourites!!

Check out any info about the park here –

The Beach!

The day after the wedding some TLC was needed. So we hed off to the beach to relax and let the kids have some fun in the water. The sand is like baby powder!! The warmth of it beneath your feet and how soft it is was lush!! The whole beach was clean, not a bit of rubbish anywhere. There’s little huts selling drinks and snacks at fairly decent prices (unless theres 6 of you like there was with us). The only downfall I could think of is that there was only one toilet. Atleast thats all I could see/find. The water was like a warm bath and really shallow, so there was no need to worry about the kids playing in it. Theres plenty of sunbeds and parasols that you can rent for the day for a small price szo you have that extra bit of comfort!! Remember, this is a break after all!! They also had volleyball pitches around the top of the beach and plenty of open space for the kids to run wild. The staff on the beach were very helpfull and spoke really good english which was an added bonus. This was a much needed break from all the walking we had been doing!!

Heres a photo of my cousin and her husband on the beach at night. Just look at the detail in that sand art!!

If your into photography or architecture like me then wondering the streers of Valencia will keep you busy. Every corner, every street, alley, all have something amazing to see. Yes the chapels and castles are great to see, but just random buildings in general are amazing. The detail in the walls are incredible and you can tell just how much effort has been put into them. Heres just a few of my favourites.

All in all it is a beautiful place that we will definitely be coming back to. There is so much to see and do here that 5 days just wasnt long enough. I’d probably come back without the kids next time as they didnt enjoy the walking so much haha!! But the underground was dirt cheap and can take you all over the city. The people are lovely, theres soo much shopping to do and the architecture is simply breath taking!! I hope you enjoyed this little blog about our trip. Please let me know in the comment section if you’d like to see more travel blogs or have any other suggestions!! All comments are welcome!!

Much love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx 

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