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**This is a sponsored post. It may contain gifted items and/or affiliate links, but all my opinions/reviews are entirely my own!! I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t agree with.**

Are you alway’s struggling to know what to get your husband/partner for a gift?? Or maybe your a man who is looking for that perfect accessory or item to add to his skincare collection. Then you need to check out this site!!

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I should add, although the site mentioned in this post is aimed at men, it is great for ALL gender’s as you will see further down.

When it come’s to buying present’s I’m ALWAYS stuck!! Sometime’s I get fed up of buying the same old thing year after year and I just get in a right rut trying to figure out what to get. So when Trend Him reached out to me I was instantly drawn to the classic item’s they offer on their sight.

I was originally looking for matching His&Her’s item’s when Trend Him reached out, but when I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, I liked the look of their product’s so much that we decided to take a different approach to work together.

They kindly sent me the following item’s for me to test out

The Cuff Bracelet is beautiful and my personal fave, Rose tone. Very sleek and clean in design with a very solid form, there is no way this is going to break easily!! Coming in 2 different sizes I went for the smaller option and it really is a perfect fit. My husband also tried it and it even fit him, though he could have a bigger size for the extra comfort/more of a loose fit. The both of us agreed that this is a stunning item that would be perfect for both men and women. I’ve taken full claim of it and it’s become a favourite in my jewelery collection!! We plan on purchasing a second bangle at some point for my husband!! Sadly they no longer do the Rose tone but they do have it in Gold, Black and Silver!! One thing I really like about their jewellery is that most of them are made from stainless steel and then tinted with the colour with means that they are cheaper to buy, but the colour doesn’t fade or discolour.

When I received the Titan Blue Steel Razor I was impressed with the overall design and weight. Any hairdresser/barber will know that the weight of your tool’s really make’s a difference in performance. The case it came in was also beautiful. The problem is, I wasn’t able to review this item as the blade was blunt!! I got in contact with Trend Him and they responded straight away, apologizing for the problem offering me a different razor.

Shortly after I received the Blue Straight Razor. Again, beautiful in design, lighter than the first which was an added bonus as I have t-rex hands haha!! The wooden type handle is beautifully detailed and having the replacement blade’s made it alot more hygienic than the first which was reusable.

Here’s where I hit another brick wall… Where were the blades??

I checked the sight and there definitely wasn’t anything saying that it didn’t come with blade’s or that you had to purchase them separately. So it was back to the emails. Again, I couldn’t get enough apologies, you could clearly tell that this isn’t something that is an occurring thing with them as they seemed as shocked as I did. They sent me out a pack of blades so I was finally all set to go!!

I was so excited to get started and ofcourse I had to get my husband to be the guniepig!! Hey if that’s not trust and true love letting his wife use a throat cut on him I don’t know what is!!

This is where I struggled and the only negative I have to say. There were no instruction’s at all with both the tool or the blade’s on how to load them. I damaged the first blade trying to fit it in and had to resort to youtube to find a tutorial on the specific razor on how to fit and remove blades. This for me was a total dissapointment as having the problem’s I had in the begining I was very frustrated!!

Needless to say, once I knew what I was doing it was very straight forward and the razor work’s like an absolute dream!! It’s something that I wouldn’t be without in my hairdressing kit now.

They also offer personalised engraving on alot of their product’s which make’s them perfect for anniversary/special occasion gifts!!

My overall experience with the brand wasn’t amazing as you can see, BUT, the way the brand handled it was absolutely fantastic!! Professional, apologetic, quick to respond to message’s and treated me with total respect as a client/customer.

So giving that, and the quality of the bangle and replaced razor, I would highly recommend you buying from them!! The item’s on their website are one of a kind, the jewellery, and accessories would all be a great gift for that special someone or to even treat yourself!!

Let me know what you beautie’s think in the comment’s and if there’s anything out there you’d like me to test out!! I know some of you are keen for me to do a post showing you all my gold jewellery collection and I will have that up soon so make sure you’re subscribed to my email list so you don’t miss it!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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  1. You are such a sweetheart, Rhiannon. Thank you so much. 🙂 It will be a pleasure working with you again.

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