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I was the sister you never had
Right from birth you took me under your wing and taught me to fly
You’d wipe my tears, read me books and teach me things no-one else would

At age 7 you gave me my own little sister
And not long after a brother also
As you did to me, I too took them under my wing and taught them right from wrong
Never knowing one day you’d all be gone

Aged 18 things soon changed
Heartache was soon to come and spirral me into a dark place
Unkind words were spoken
Blame was put on me
Cast out and thrown to the floor
If only you could see the thruth in my eyes with every tear that dropped upon my cheeks

You didn’t ask my side of things
Believed in the lies that he told you
I wish you didn’t wear the mask that blinded you
Changed you
The one that eventually would kill the bond that we had

If the truth was spoken how would life be
Would it have caused more scars that couldnt have healed
Would you still be here holding my hand
Still giving me advice and strength through my hardest of battles
Would your children have taught mine to fly too
These things I wish i knew

How I long to see you again
But this much I know will never change
That inocent girl at age 18 stood and faught your corner from demons in disguise
Words were twisted, i’ll never know why
For all I did was expose what hid behind faulse smiles

Years have passed and still no hope
No light through the darkness
No sign of things forgotten
But one thing sister that you still should know
No matter where our stories end
Mine always began with you and I will love you eternally

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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