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Does anyone else struggle for gift ideas that would be fitting for EVERY occasion?? I do all the time. I’m the one panic buying in the shop the day before someone’s birthday or event, struggling to find that perfect something.

When I really don’t know what to get someone I end up over-spending on multiple thing’s I know the person like’s, but it just never seem’s right you know?? I want a gift that has meaning and something someone can keep. I’m sentimental like that. So below I’ve got something that is PERFECT for everyone of all ages for every occasion you could think of.

Check out this artist who has pure talent in what he does, not only working within the comic industry, but creating bespoke, personal pieces of art for client’s. I asked Richard to give us all a little intro about himself and how he got into creating such amazing pieces of art.

Here is a photo of Richard showcasing one of his tribute pieces to the NHS. Make sure to check out his fund raiser below!!

‘My name is Richard Barker and I am a freelance illustrator and comic book artist based in the West Midlands. After a long and successful career in the bar industry I decided it was my time to finally pursue my life long passion for drawing and turn this passion into a profession. Fortunately, I have been able to do exactly that and since 2018 I have been working fulltime with various comic book companies. I also work with regular customers who are often looking for a unique one-off art piece to either hang up in their own home as decoration, add to a personal collection or give as special gifts to loved ones.’ 

So how much exactly will it cost to get your very own piece of art by Richard??

The comissioned pieces you see bellow start from £75 and are completely made to order. These are Richard’s most popular requested pieces which I can see why!! This would be perfect for any father. Imagine one of a father as a superhero holding his daughter who is dressed as a princess. Family portrait’s could be incredible!! The idea’s are endless.

*Copy Right belongs to the Artist*
*Copy Right belongs to the Artist*

For more complex pieces that are bespoke to specific briefs, the starting point is £150 depending on the size and the scope of the work which is very reasonable for such big, complex pieces.

Everyone know’s exactly how much effort and time get’s put into art work. So I personally think that those price’s are great!! Think of the artist’s you see in the street abroad when you’re walking down the strip, they often charge 50 plus euros per person for an art piece. So this is well worth every penny, I’d much rather come home and help support a local artist!! From the images above you can see his work is absolutely incredible. The detail and even the likeness of the client’s in the photo is epic!! It really does take a magical talent to be able to create this. I am a huge art lover so I really appreciate when I come across a great artist with something differen’t to offer.

In the current crisis going on in the world right now, everyone in the UK will know just how much our NHS is struggling. Richard has started his own fundraiser with 100% of the donations going to the NHS!! He has created 4 tribute pieces of art towards the NHS and is currently selling raffle tickets for only £5 each and will donate it all to the NHS. You can see the pieces of work/buy tickets HERE.

If you would like to check out more of Richards work or contact him to discuss any work you may want him to create for you then you can get in touch with him through the following links to his social media accounts.


Please share this post to help not only a British artist thrive, but to hopefully gain more people that will buy a raffle ticket to help raise money for our NHS. This is such a selfless thing that Richard is doing, the time and effort it has taken him for each piece of art to not even earn a penny from them is incredibly generous. Let’s give him the credit he deserves!!

What do you think beauties?? I would absolutely love one of Richard’s art work’s hanging in my house!! Are you an art lover?? Let me know your opinions or who your fave artist is down in the comments.

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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6 thoughts on “One Gift Fit’s All”

  1. I absolutely love these! What a great idea for a gift for someone. I think I have many people I’d love to buy them for!
    Its so great that he’s also using his talent to raise money for our NHS heroes. What an amazing man!

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