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**This is a gifted post, I am not being paid for this and all views/opinions are my own.**

Tom Savano Cocktails

Ok who’s ready for New Years Eve?? I for one am not, I’ve never been a lover of it BUT it’s an excuse for a drink right?! Now I’m not one for fancy drinks, I’ll drink pretty much anything in a pint glass (yes I am one of those gals that loves a pint) but imagine you could have a ready made cocktail thats, excuse the lingo, strong as fuck!! Well my beauties do I have the thing for you!!

Gin cocktail anyone?? I was kindly gifted this by Tom Savano, creator of Tom Savano Cocktails and it didn’t dissapoint!! Before I tell you what I think, lets hear abit off the main man himself. I asked Tom what made him get into the business of making cocktails and where he got the idea from, here’s what he had to say…

So I’ve worked nearly twenty years in the city, but always struggled to be content stuck behind a desk. I’m very creative and passionate so always knew I wanted to create something of my own. I had a few setbacks, opening a cafe just before the global financial crisis which I had to close up four years later, as well as an app for splitting drinks bills in bars that I couldn’t find the traction for. Finally 18 months ago, a friends sister asked me to do cocktails for their wedding as they loved mine so much. As a bit of background, ten years in Ibiza I had my first ever Mojito at sunset and became obsessed with the experiential nature of cocktails. Music, setting, incredible flavours. When I came back to the uk I started making mojitos every day and taking them everywhere. On the train, to the movies, on a flight, down at the park after work, everyone knew me as the Mojito guy.

Over the years I branched out and started making more interesting cocktails and became obsessed with perfecting them, being a little ocd and a perfectionist by nature. The more I learned about unusual spirits and undiscovered gems, the more I realised there was something really special here that people were missing out on. But it wasn’t until I was asked to bartender a wedding that I realised I might be able to make a business out of my cocktails. From there it was easy. The story and character of Tom Savano were already inside me, I was Tom Savano in fact. So this became my journey to share my excitement about craft mixology and the perfect blends with everyone.

WOW what a story!! When I first read his response I loved how I could almost feel the passion he has for his product through the screen!! Now let’s get down to the product itself. Tom asked what one I’d like to try so we went with Negroni. When it arrived I purposley didn’t read the label as I wanted to see what I could taste and guess myself first. At 32% it’s strong!! The flavours I got were orange/tangerine, a woody whiskey taste and a slight cinnamony in the backgroung. This litro warmed my chest!! The heat was intense haha but enjoyable!!

It’s not something I personally could drink straight as its designed to, but for me this would be the perfect shot!! Oh the drinking games I would use this for!! I gave my dad some to try and he enjoyed it saying “the flavours were intense and it was a good strong drink.” Coming from the boss man thats a compliment haha, he gulped back a few more times before he went home!!

I’d be very intrigued as what the other flavours Tom has available are like. This isnt a plain drink, if you love a strong flavoursome drink then I’d 100% reccomend you giving this a go!! With NYE coming up this would be a perfect welcome drink or to have ready for the clock to strike 12 to cheers the New Year in!!

Each bottle contains 2 servings but we’ve saved some ready for NYE!! A little goes a long way!! You can order your own bottle HERE.

Have a great New Years guys!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

Check out Toms twitter to stay upto date with all news, offers and new products HERE. Help support local small businesses!!

7 thoughts on “The Perfect NYE Drink”

  1. Awesome. Reading his story, it shows amazing progress. I don’t really drink these days but his drink seems like something I would definitely try. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh, these look incredible! As a massive gin enthusiast with a penchant for cocktails, these are going on my must have list.
    I know exactly what I’m going to be spending my Christmas money from my Nonna on : Coastal Negroni and the Margarita one.

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