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Hey Beauties!! I wanted to share with you all something I’ve been using daily now for a few months. Dealing with Chronic Health has limited me to alot of things. I struggle lifting, standing for certain amounts of time, the pain and fatigue can be unbearable which if you go through it also then you know exactly what I mean!!

A massive thing I’ve always missed is cooking. With my stomach condtion (let me know if you want a post on this) I have to eat certain foods and cook every single thing from scratch. When you have a chronic illness this is almost impossible with the amount of time standing over the stove stirring and timing things. But here’s where my new love comes in.

A machine that does it all for me. Yes you read right. Here’s just a few things it does…

  • Steams
  • Frys
  • Boils
  • Simmers
  • Measures/Weighs
  • Cleans Itself
  • Chops
  • Melts
  • Minces

The list really does go on!! But with the built in app with step by step instructions on everything and over 50k recipes world wide, I can chuck the ingredient’s in and go sit back down while it does all the work for me!! It really is hard to believe untill you see it in action for yourself. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll have seen me post about this over there over the past 2 months. But for more in-depth videos you should check out my friend Lucy’s page Lucy’s Kitchen UK where she post’s purely about this incredible machine.

At just ยฃ35 a month this is the best investment I could ever reccomend to anyone!!! It’s honestly life changing!!!

Here’s Just A Small Example Of What It Can Do!!

So What’s A Thermomix??

The Thermomix is a german brand and in europe every 1 in 3 houses has one!! It’s predicted that within the next 10 years it will be just as popular in the UK and I can see why. You will literally cook and eat food that is restraunt worthy. With this machine you can replace near enough all your kitchen gadgets.

To keep it short and simple, this machine has given me that bit of independance back in the kitchen. Chopping food isn’t and issue any more, I can eat full meals and change up ingredients to suit my dietry needs so that I’m not missing out anymore on foods containing dairy and gluten and its all healthy.

Here is a snippet from Lucy’s page on a post where she showed her 2 Ingredient Almond Milk made in the Thermomix and compared to all the additives in a store bought one!!

Most importantly I can bake/cook with my children again. Something I did as a child with my mother and always dreamed I’d do with my own children but haven’t been able to due to not being able to either stand long enough, have the energy or strength to stir, bend into the oven ect.. Now I can take a back seat and mainly supervise while they use the machine themselves and I can still have the fun and make the memories like I’ve always wanted to.

This machine is helping people all over the world. Not only people with health issues but in family homes, restraunts, care homes, nurserys, schools. Can you imagine being able to put ingredients into a machine and go chill while it chops it all up and cooks it perfectly for you or go finish sorting other things out?? I couldn’t untill now!!

If you want a more indepth post on this then let me know in the comments and I’ll happily write one. But for now I just wanted to share it with you in this short time I’ve had it. If you’re interested on how to get your hands on one check out my Contact Me page and send me over an email and I’ll gladly help you out!!

Have you heard of a Thermomix or do you have one?? Let me know!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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13 thoughts on “The Machine That’s Changed My Life”

  1. Wow! This looks like such an amazing product! I have never heard of one before. Thanks for sharing, I may have to look into one for myself too!

  2. Hi Rhiannon
    This is so inspiring – I’m always amazed by the stories I hear how Thermomix really can make such a difference to people’s lives – thanks for sharing your story!
    Suzanne xx

  3. I’ve seen one of these on an Instagram story before and they honestly look Amazing, I would love to try one! Thanks for sharing x

    1. Mrs. Slee-Jones

      Noproblem at all!! Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to try one as they do a 3 month trial to see if you like them before buying one ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. Elizabeth Justine Redden

    Hi Rhiannon. Its Justine. Where can I get one of these cookers. Sounds great. Great blog BTW xxx

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