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Hey Beauties!! It’s review time again!!

I was kindly sent this Earl Grey tea to sample and review by The Wonderland Tea Company. Being a family of avid tea and coffee drinkers we were excited to give this a go!!

So what is Earl Grey Tea?? This is what the company had to say about their product…

For our Earl Grey, its a unique take on earl grey, with bright blue corn flower petals and a citrus balance to give it a smooth finish. Plus our loose leaf tea can be re-steeped, often the second cup tastes better than the first one. Unlike tea bags that are shredded and offer weaker taste.

Firstly can we just talk about the packaging?! If you’re a disney fan you’ll want the tea just for this!! With old school pictures of Alice In Wonderland it really sets the mood for your own little tea party. We have a couple of little mad hatters living with us who were ready and waiting!!

The Reviews

Myself – I’d never tried Earl Grey before, I’ve always been told from a child that “It’s what posh people drink” haha!! So trying some was quite exciting. Upon first taste I made it to drink as you would a herbal tea, so straight from the tea pot with just hot water. WOW what a strong taste!! It wasn’t a taste I liked as something particular that I couldn’t put my finger on was just too strong. So after reaching out to Jerry at the company he told me that it could be drank with milk and sugar which I wasnt aware of. GAME CHANGER. It totally change the taste for me, it became a smooth almost like a flavoured milk tea. I really enjoyed it and have had it a few times now over the past week!!

The Sprogs Aged 9 and 11 – ” Mmmm this is soo tasty!! It doesn’t taste like normal tea but it tastes really good. Isit healthy?? It tastes healthy!! Can we have more?? Can we have it all the time??” I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed it!!

My Dad AKA THE BOSS MAN – ” It’s not bad at all!! It has a nice smooth taste but personally it’s not something I could drink all the time. I’ve tried it, it’s nice, but not for me.”

So there’s 4 reviews from 3 totally different age ranges. Safe to say we enjoyed it in our house and will continue to finish off the packet!! If you’d like to try some for yourself I have a code for you which will get you 15% off your first order, just use.. MSJ15 at checkout!! No catches, I don’t get paid for this, just something nice for my readers to treat themselves!!

Are you a tea drinker?? Do you have a favourite brand you always go to?? Please let me know if you try this tea and let me know what you think!!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

Check out The Wonderland Tea Company’s Social’s and give them some support!! We all have to start somewhere!!




2 thoughts on “Tea Review With The Wonderland Tea Company”

  1. Reading this just really made me want to have a cup of tea. Not unusual for most people, but I am a coffee addict, so this is a strange sensation for me !
    I love the packaging, it’s so pretty.

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