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WOW, can you actually believe it’s almost Christmas again?! Where has the past year gone?! Looking for presents can be so stressful!! So I’m really excited to be doing this post on MUST HAVE Stocking Fillers ALL UNDER £10!!!! I am going to show you some of my fave products that would make great stocking fillers and some sneak peeks at what I will be putting into stockings this year!!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Face Masks

Ranging from £2.99-£3.99 these are by far the best face masks I’ve tried!! Keep an eye out as they often come on offer in places like Boots and Superdrug for £1-£2 or 3 for 2. There are a few different options from charcoal, sensitive, pomegranate, to chose from and at this price you could get one of each choice!!

Makeup Revolution x Soph Extra Spice Pallete

At just £10 this would be a perfect stocking filler for that special someone who loves to play with eye looks. This is one of my all time fave palletes!! For the price the shadow’s blend lovley and the pigment is rich. The colour’s have that perfect autumnal shade so you can create the perfect christmasy look!!

Jack Wills Lip Balm Trio

I LOVE getting a new lip balm!! Cold weather makes our lips chapped and sore, so having a nice fresh lipbalm is something that nobody wouldn’t want or need at Christmas. I found this little trio set in Boots for just £5 ad it’s in with the famous 3for2 offer so you could get 3 sets for £10 which is an absolute bargain!!

Lush Products!!

Now who doesn’t love a Lush product?! These are an absolute MUST in my stocking!! Whether it’s a bath bomb, bubble bar, lip scrub, I don’t care I just know I’m going to love it!!!! So ofcourse I poped into the shop and had a nosey round for you all and they didn’t dissapoint with their new christmas collection!! Here’s what I found..

  • Polar Bear bubble bars
  • Star Wand bubble bars
  • Rudolf bath bombs
  • Glittery shower gels (Trust me when I say glittery, I was covered from testing it!!! Your kids will LOVE this)
  • Candy Cane bars
  • Lip Scrubs (Limited edition christmas flavours!!)
  • Snow Fairy – These are actually my favourite product that they have atm, I bought a more boyish one earlia in the year for my son and he loved it!! It’s basically like playdoh but you can make shapes, figures and use for EVERYTHING!! Put it in the bath and watch the bubbles form, wash your body in it, even shampoo your hair!! They also smell amazing and we still have some of ours left a month later!! Every child (or adult) will absolutely love this!!

As you can see in the photo’s they’re all very christmasy and best of all.. CHEAP!! Lush products are also all hand made and made from natural ingredients and all come in recycable packaging and some products are even packaging free!!

NYX Cream Lipsticks

NYX Cosmetics are by far in my eyes the best for a liquid lip!! I use them with almost every makeup look and even my mam love’s them!! Which says something as she’s worn the same 2 or 3 lip brands for over 30 years haha. Coming in at £6 and upwards this is something my husband put’s in my stocking every single year without fail. (Yes I am a 28 year old who still has a stocking ok?) Please don’t judge haha. They’re currently on offer at Boots for Black Friday with 20% off!!

These are 3 of the shade’s I use regular.

Know Someone Who Likes To Tan??

I recently came across this little gem in primark for £3!! Tanning drops that you can either add into your moisturiser or put directly onto the skin. As an regular self tanner I love these!! Maybe they remind you of a more high end brand?? I can think of 1 or 2!!

Fluffy Socks!!!!!

Isit really christmas if you don’t have a new pair of fluffy socks?? I mean really?? A couple of years back I go my dad what I thought was some good presents, yet all he was concerned about is that he never had new socks haha!!! Safe to say I make sure they’re at the top of his list now!! Primark have the BEST fluffy socks ever starting from £2.50 for a pack of 2, whoever I’m buying for gets them lol!!

How cute are all these socks from Primark!!


Now I know what you’re thinking.. Rhiannon, how can you have a good purfume for under £10??.. But do we even want to spend £30 plus just to wear to work or the shop?? Check out Primark where they have some amazing purfumes starting from just £2!! We get them every year for my daughter’s stocking.

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

Are you buying for someone who loves makeup?? Then make sure they have this in their stocking this year!! This is my MUST HAVE makeup tool!! On offer for £4.66 in superdrug WITH a storage case they will be chuffed. Also at Boots they have the Powder Sponge for £4.99 which is on my list this year!!

Hot Chocolate

These Hot Chocolate sets from primark are the perfect christmasy stocking filler. They’re £5 and include a themed mug, chocolate bar, hot coco powder and marshmallows (contents may vary with each design). This one in particular caught my eye!! How cute is it!

The last and final item that I think makes Christmas is a bag of chocolate coins!!! I don’t care what chocolate I get given as long as I have my chocolate coins. They’re just the most iconic Christmas chocolate!! You can pick them up pretty much anywhere on the highstreet this time of year, even clothes shops are selling them. I really hope you enjoyed this list!!

Happy shopping!!

Mrs Slee-Jones xx

12 thoughts on “Stocking Fillers £10 & Under”

  1. There are some wonderful ideas here, thank you! Fuzzy socks are always a winner in my book for chilly days at home 🙂 Especially if you pair that with a heartwarming cup of hot cocoa. Yum!

    I have never heard of tanning drops in my life but it is a very interesting idea!

    I hope and pray that your Thanksgiving and Christmas are incredibly special for you!

    All My Best,
    Holly ♥

    1. Noproblem!! I’m glad yo like them 😀
      Ohhh fuzzy socks are the best arnt they!!
      I’d heard of them but refused to pay out on them, but these are great!!
      Have a great thanksgiving and christmas!!
      Thankyou so much for your comment!!
      Rhiannon x

  2. I love these ideas. Christmas is so expensive, especially when you’re a student, so it’s nice to see inexpensive items that are still lovely!!! x

  3. As you know I LOVE these ideas and the fact that Primark now has hot chocolate sets is giving me life! I see Lush managed to sneak in there too 😉 haha great post so much fun working with you!! Much love ? xxxx

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