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Hey Beauties!! It’s that time again, the dreaded Valentines Day. I’ve teamed up with 13 beautiful ladies to give you the best V Day ideas, tips and tricks!! I’ll have all their info below for you so make sure once you’ve read my post to go check theirs out also!!

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Every year we spend so much money on this one day (men more than women) and often we go overboard and what for?? Why not pick something simple that will make a lasting impression?? I for one am not a fan of Valentines day, apart from it’s my daughters birthday, I just don’t understand why we have to spend so much money to show our love for someone. Shouldn’t we be doing that all year round?? Hense why I chose to write this post, me and my husband have always bought simple non-expensive gifts (who really want’s to spend over £100 for Valentines?) and saved our money to spend on other things throughout the year.

Here I have some products that I personally think make the perfect gift for V day for both women AND men.

Coastal Cocoa is a company based in Hastings in the UK. All their chocolates are handmade by the owner James and he has created unique flavours and textures inspired by holidays around the british coast. He has created a beautiful Valentine’s selection which he kindly sent me out a box to try for myself.

The packaging was very classy as you can see above. There were 3 flavours, White Choc with Champange, Dark Choc with Pomegranate and Milk choc with Strawberrys. All 3 flavours were beautifully smooth, rich flavour where you could really taste each flavour colming through from both the chocolate and the filling. My favourtie was the Pomigranite one, it was almost more of a jam texture inside but it just went PERFECT with the dark chocolate!! These high quality chocolates are the perfect yet simple V day gift. Their glam packaging along with the heart shaped chocolates and colours are sure to get your loved on in that romantic mood!! You can order yours HERE and don’t forget to check out the full collection of flavours too!!

Next we have the BEAUTIFUL Makeup Train Bang from Ellis James Designs. This is the absolute PERFECT V day gift for that special someone who travels alot or simple love’s their makeup so they can now stay organized to the makeup gods with this amazing case!! Again I was kindly gifted this and wow was I impressed!! It looks so expensive and the quality is divine. It comes packaged in printed paper and then placed in a company box, opening this gave me total Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex In The City vibes!! It fit’s EVERYTHING inside including hair styling tools, along with seperate brush holders and you can move the seperaters around to suit yourself. This is one gift that will have you in your partner’s good books for a very long time!!

You can check out a more indepth story behind the Makeup Train Bag HERE. They have some amazing offer’s on their site right now for V day so get in their quick and grab yourself a bargain!! And if your single, hey go treat yourself to something nice!!!

Here we have one for all my pizza lovers out there!! When Claire from The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company reached out to me I was amazed that she had created a whole pizza out of chocolate. If you don’t like pizza are you even human?! Of course she immediately asked could she send me some to test out. I was expecting maybe a slice but she sent a full 7inch chocolate pizza!!!

It came exactly as a pizza does in a pizza box which was the perfect authentic touch!! My son being a pizza lover though this was epic. The pizza base is pure Belgian Chocolate and it just melts in your mouth. This is a perfect gift for the guys as lets be honest, men are a nightmare to buy for on V day!! My husband loved this and said he would be chuffed to have this as a gift. This is such an iconic idea and its perfect for anyone and everyone. The chocolate is incredible and for a Belgian Choc, it wasn’t sickly. The different textures from the smooth base, chunky fudge and rice balls (We tested out the Valentines one) they just all merged perfectly. My son has already said he want’s it instead of a birthday cake this year!!

Do you have a special someone who is in need of a new laptop case?? Maybe a child you’d like to gift something for this V Day. Then why not check out Greatness Reinvented to find a high quality laptop case but at a great price. These cases look simple with clean trendy patterns but inside is a masterpiece. Linned with thickfaux fur, lightweight and resistant to not only water but oil and heat too, these cases are going to keep your laptop safe from all those little accidents!!

I chose the marble blue case to test out on my laptop and I absolutely love it. It’s been EVERYWHERE with me and I’ve had endless compliments!! My daughter is having a laptop this year and I’ll definitely be getting one for her.

Now we got the present’s, why not make it that extra bit special and have the perfect wrapping paper to go with it?! Got a special messege?? This is perfect!! I came across this brand christmas time and fell in love!! You can customize colours, icons, words, font.. it’s just amazing and after I was gifted some for my review, I then ordered some myself ready for my daughters birthday!! Check out my full review HERE. You can also click my ad on my sidebar or bottom of the page if you’re on a phone to go directly to the site!!

And that’s it!! I really hope you find some of these ideas helpfull, I really do love each and every one of them and would purchase them for gifts myself not only for V day but throughout the year too!! Don’t forget to check out the links below and check out the other 13 amazingly talented bloggers working on this collab with me!! Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?? Let me know in the comments!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

Day 1: @perselem will be posting a romantic getaway to Sardinia, Italy. You can check out her blog here: https://www.perselem.blog, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/perselem and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/perselem       

Day 2: @bamboopanda27 will be posting a Valentines Poem. You can check out her blog here: https://www.introvertedcreativity.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/bamboopanda27 and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/bamboopanda27/

Day 3: Break!!

Day 4: @mybreakingviews will be posting Things to do this Valentines for singles, couples and groups. You can check out her blog here: https://www.mybreakingviews.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/mybreakingviews and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/mybreakingviews  

Day 5: @kellyreportblog will be posting a guide to Valentines day on a budget. You can check out her blog here: https://www.kellydianereport.co.uk, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/kellyreportblog and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/kellydiane94   

Day 6: @karaleecupcake will be posting a Valentines dessert recipe. You can check out her blog here: https://www.talesofbelle.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/karaleecupcake and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/karaleecupcake

Day 7: @mrssleejones will be posting a simple gift guide for Valentines. You can check out her blog here: https://www.mrssleejones.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/mrssleejones and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/ransleejones

Day 8: @_myanxiouslife will be posting about why should we bother with valentines? You can check out her blog here: https://myanxiouslife.co.uk, Twitter here: https://Twitter.com/_myanxiouslife and Instagram here: https://instagram.com/my.anxiouslife

Day 9: @_itsjustjessie_ will be posting a gifts (or not) Valentines guide. You can check out her blog here: https://www.wondererandtraveler.wordpress.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/_itsjustjessie_ and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/jessiexmills       

Day 10: @cozystylist will be posting a Valentines gift guide. You can check out her blog here: https://www.cozystylist.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/cozystylist and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/all_things_cozy       

Day 11: @themakeupbybeth will be posting a Valentines make-up tutorial. You can check out her blog here: https://www.themakeupbybeth.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/themakeupbybeth and Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/themakeupbybeth     

Day 12: @_athenachristy will be posting Valentines inspired outfits for women. You can check out her blog here: https://www.athenachristy.wordpress.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/_athenachristy 

Day 13: @chimmykins will be posting about what her parents taught her about relationships. You can check out her blog here: https://www.chimmyville.co.uk, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/chimmykins and Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/chimmykins88

Day 14: @luvandlifestyle will be posting a personal account of how my fiance’ first told me he loves me. You can check out her blog here: https://luvandlifestyle.com, Twitter here: https://twitter.com/luvandlifestyle and Instagram here: https://instagram.com/kirstyblogs/

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    1. Mrs. Slee-Jones

      Haha it went round 5 of us with some spare!! Ohh give them ones a try, I wish I could fit in the inside asa it’s soooooo fluffy haha!! I drop mine all the time and so far so good lol!!

  1. I completely agree! I think we should be showing love and care for our loved ones all year-round. But, these would certainly make for wonderful presents! The chocolate pizza looks and sounds delicious! Great guide!

  2. I love the look and sound of that chocolate pizza! Especially loving the fact it comes in its own pizza box. 😅 The gourmet looking chocolates look delicious too – I’ve never heard of Coastal Cocoa before.

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