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*This is a sponsored post. Some images, information and products have been supplied to me but all experiences and opinions are my own.*

Hey Beauts!! Let’s talk PERIODS. Aunt flow. Menstrual Cycle. The Blob. On. Time Of The Month. Whatever it is you like to call it, let’s do some real talk!!

Has anyone else noticed the stigma around talking about periods??

Why do we walk into a shop and practically whisper to the assistant “where are the pads??” Or there’s the dreaded thought of having to ask someone can they recommend a product because last month you woke up and your bed looked like a murder scene due to your cheap ass buying the cheapest pads you could find to save 30 pence.

Let’s be real… We have ALL done it!!

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Why is something so natural looked at as such a disgusting thing?? Every woman goes through it at some point in their life. The pain can be excruciating and can leave some bedridden until it’s over. Let’s not forget to mention how easy men get it while I’m here!!

I always remember my first period and thinking about how much of a baby I looked with this huge nappy thing in my nickers. Also, the first time I used a tampon/Lillete. Aunt Flow gave an unexpected visit and my pad stock was empty and, all that was there was my mam’s box of Lillete’s. I had to ring her at work telling her that this thing was sticking out of me and she needed to go get pads asap!!

Over the years I’ve tried so many different products on the market and every time I’ve seen no difference. That is until now.

Switching To Period Cups

Almost 2 years ago I made the switch to period cups. I’d seen a few people mention them on social media so decided to do my own research as to what the hell these things were and why they were becoming a huge trend in the period market. Here’s what I found.

The Facts – What is a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual Cups are small silicon molds shaped like a cup that is inserted into the vagina during your period. They hold more blood than other products which is great for those of us with heavier flows and, can be left in for 8-12 hours.

They are a great eco-friendly alternative for your periods instead of pads and tampons and, in the long run, you can save a lot of money!! On average, one single period cup will last 10 years or more. So if you spent £20 on a cup that will last 10 years, versus buying pads and tampons that average £1-£2 per pack of 8, that’s a huge saving!!!

Menstrual Cups have been known to also make your cycles shorter and a lot less painful.

Finding The Right Cup

I was contacted by Saalt Cup to test out their cup and I can see why they have such a good reputation!! Having used cups myself for over a year, I’d recently invested in a Saalt Cup as I was having problems with another branded cup. I struggled to pass urine with my cups in. But after reading a few articles on different cups I came across Saalt Cups Quiz that helps you find the right cup for you. They ask you things such as your age, how heavy is your flow I originally purchased the Saalt Soft Cup in a size Regular. But I ended up having the same problem where I just couldn’t pass urine properly. They suggested that I tried the same cup in a small and kindly sent me one to put to the test.

Game Changer

I finally found my perfect period cup!! I wasn’t so sure about using a smaller one as I tend to have quite a heavy flow but it’s been great. The silicone is very soft and flexible and, once inserted, I can’t even feel it. Best part?? I can have a wee!!!! I haven’t had any leaks or spills and, no quick dash to the toilets to change. I sleep fine with it in also. It really is like not having anything there. My cramps weren’t as bad/long this time either.

Why Choose A Saalt Menstrual Cup??

All of Saalt’s cups are hypoallergenic made with medical-grade silicone and are chemical-free. They are odor-free so no nasty smells and with them being able to be kept in for up to 12 hours (depending on your flow) there are no quick bathroom trips in case of leaks and overflows. They are also naturally non-toxic so there’s no worry about getting toxic shock syndrome if you were to forget about it for a bit longer like all of us often do.

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Pros and Cons of a Menstrual Cup

Pros –
1. Lasts longer than other products
2. Comfortable
3. Environmental friendly
4. Helps ease the pain that comes with periods
5. Cycles can become shorter
7. Never run out of sanitary products
8. Compact and discreet for when you’re on the go

Cons –
1. Can take a while to get used to putting in
2. Depending on the stem, they can be hard initially to get out
3. So comfortable that you forget you have them in. Or is that a pro?? You decide!!

My overall experience with using a menstrual cup

All in all, now that I have found a cup that suits me, I would never go back to using anything else. It took me a while to get used to putting one in and then in turn taking it out. I found the Saalt cup slightly different from the ones I had originally used as the stem was straight and not a small ring so I had nothing to hook my finger onto. Granted, this brought me a wave of panic the first few times. I had images of going to A&E to have it taken out. But, after calming myself, relaxing, and using those pelvic floor muscles that might I add are now strong AF, I can get it out in seconds easily. It just needs some getting used to and practicing.

Top Tip’s for using a Period Cup

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Find which fold works best for you, not everyone will get on with the same fold
Take the cup test to see which cup you should try
A little bit of water-based lube makes it a lot easier to insert
Stay calm and relaxed, when you start to stress your vaginal wall muscles will contract to make things a lot harder for you
Practice inserting and removing your cup before your period starts, this will make things a lot less stressful and less messy when the time comes

I hope this post has helped you decide if you want to take the step to try out a period cup of your own. If you do decide to try one then please let me know how you get on. If you already use them let me know in the comments your thoughts on them or if you havent tell me why.

Much Love – Rhiannon, aka Mrs Slee-Jones xx

I am always looking for inspiration. If you have a product you want to be showcased or if there is something you would like me to review for you then feel free to contact me. PR is always welcomed!!

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14 thoughts on “What Is A Period Cup??”

  1. I went to a cup about 5 years ago and love it. It did have a learning curve and I always cut the little dangley doodad off the bottom, but it’s a switch I don’t regret at all.

    1. I bought a cup and I have definitely been looking at trying to get it right. I will give your suggestions a try. I think my issue was waiting until the time and I get nervous if it isn’t in correctly the first few times. Thanks for this post!

      1. Mrs. Slee-Jones

        That’s the first mistake I did but, it all comes with practice. I hope my tips work for you!! xx

  2. I haven’t used a menstrual cup before, but I really want to try one! I’ll definitely have to check out Saalt especially since you had such a great experience with theirs!

  3. I’ve heard so many good things about this cup! I don’t have a period but I’d love to try one when I start having them again!

    Corinne x

  4. I haven’t used a cup before but I have been wanting to try one. I think I am just scared of changing to something different and I wasn’t sure how they worked. I appreciate your tips. I may have to get one now!

  5. Okay, I confess it’s the first time I hear about period cups. Thank you for the very detailed presentation. I always appreciate it when someone shares their honest experience with new products. I’m considering trying some of these, too.

  6. I’ve been considering getting period cups for a long time so thank you for this post it was really helpful and informative! Also appreciate that you were honest about your experience with them. I think I’m going to give them a go!

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