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Today I wanted to share with you a little business with a beautiful story behind the making of it. During Covid-19 a lot of businesses have been hit hard, especially the smaller ones which led me to this post as I want to help those smaller businesses get their products out there.

Peach Perfect was started by business owner Kate while nursing her husband who had fallen ill with dementia. A Mother – Grandmother and then a carer for her late husband Ian, she created an online shop selling beautiful items. Her story has been featured in magazine articles which rightly so as clearly she is an inspiration to everyone who ever wanted to be their own boss!

“I knew deep down I still hadn’t achieved everything I want to achieve in life.”

Kate taught us that age plays no part in reaching our goals.

So how exactly did Kate come up with this idea?

“For a few years, I’d been fascinated with the idea of running an online gift shop with a difference – a store that stocked beautiful and practical presents for people like me who wanted good quality gifts without any gimmicks.

A friend of mine who is a Shakespearean professor collaborated with a chef on a cookery book called The Food of Love: A Taste of Shakespeare in Four Seasons full of Elizabethan recipes and references to it in Shakespeare. But the publishers didn’t really know how to promote it because it’s not a standard cookery book or history book. I thought, there must be lots of things like this that people just don’t know about that make lovely presents so that was another catalyst. When I did eventually do it I made the book my first product.”

It amazes me how someone can have an idea and just go for it!! To me, that is so inspirational and Kate’s hard work has clearly paid off.

Here are some of the newest products that have been added to Peach Perfect.

Moonie Humming Bunny Night Light

This beautiful Bunny is the perfect gift for your new addition or even for your toddler. It helps your baby sleep but giving out white and pink noises that restart automatically when your baby moans or cries!! That’s genius!! It also gives off a soft glow of 7 different colors to keep your baby from being afraid of the dark and has a USB rechargeable battery.

This is the perfect gift for first-time parents needing that little bit of extra help to settle their baby into a good night routine.

Ceramic Robin Bird Feeder

This is one of my favorite products on the site. This beautiful ceramic bird feeder is roughly 20cm wide and 16cm high which is perfect for those little Robins who like to visit your garden. We have some birds that live in the trees in our garden that would love this. If you’re looking to add some cute decor to your garden this would be the perfect touch! You will soon have all the prettiest birds in your garden. Great for small areas also!

Spirit Balls

Now I don’t know about you but when I think of a spirit ball I think of something that is nowhere near as pretty as these!

What is a Spirit Ball?

Spirit and Witch balls were used to ward off evil spirits. Folklore has it that the evil spirits would be enticed by the bright colors. The glass strands inside the ball would then capture the spirit and prevent it from escaping.

I love the theory behind them, and whether you believe in evil spirits, etc or not, these would add a beautiful touch to any garden or room for that matter. I bet they look amazing when the light catches them!

You really need to go check out this online shop and see for yourself all the beautiful items available. There as so many to chose from and all uniquely made with love and talent. Something that you won’t find on the high street for sure!!

What was your fave item out of the 3 I’ve featured?? Have you started a business alone or is it a dream of yours?? Let me know in the comments.

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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13 thoughts on “Peach Perfect”

  1. This is just lovely!!!! I love the story of how it came to be, and all the items you put on here are just so beautiful and special. I absolutely hate buying gifts because it feels so repetitive and corny, and these are the opposite of that.

  2. Mrs Slee-Jones,

    What an inspiring story?
    It such an highlight that Kate did not allow circumstances in her life to deter her from turning her iconic and beautiful idea into such a Peach Perfect online shop.
    Yes, a lot of businesses have been adversely affected by covid_19 chaos but those that decided to invest more into the online and social media space are turning around – while others similar to Zoom just outperforming.
    Lovely and unique gifts.

    H Emma ||

    1. Pink noise is very similar to white noise, but apparently that’s what it sounds like te the baby when it’s in the womb so it’s a soothing safe feeling for them 🙂

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