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**This is a sponsored post. It may contain gifted items and/or affiliate links, but all my opinions/reviews are entirely my own!! I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t agree with.**

Hey Beauties!! I wanted to share this amazing product that I’ve been testing out the past month or so. What do you think about a product that you can use on your eye’s, face, hair, lips.. EVERYWHERE?! Which is also cruelty free?? Sound’s like something I just made up but it’s not.

The lovely Alice over at Depixym got in touch with me after seeing a post of mine on twitter looking for cruelty free makeup. She told me about her cosmetic emulsions and asked if she could send me some to see what I thought.

I asked about the brand and where the idea came from and here’s what Alice had to say…

‘We started the brand after years of working in the beauty industry & essentially we just got tired of the bullshit. We got tired of everyone being told that they needed to be a certain way & look a certain way to be considered ‘beautiful’. Beauty is different to everyone & we see beauty in everything. That’s why our cartons have a concrete effect on, concrete is amazing, it has so much potential & is just so cool.  We also got tired of the waste & telling people to buy a million products too. So we decided to develop one incredible product that does it all, longwear, waterproof, blendable, mixable, vegan & cruelty free… all in sustainable packaging. As cheesy as it sounds, we just want to make the world a better place & make people feel good about being themselves.’

Sounds awesome right?? I think it’s safe to say I was VERY excited about this product!!

So beauties let’s get into it!! I received a black, brown and red which for me is perfect as it gave me the opportunity to really play about with colours I use the most. Now I’m no pro when it comes to makeup, but I like to think I do a decent job. So let’s see what I tried out!!

This is the starter kit and the colours that were sent to me.

Brown Eyelid Blend

Here I used just the brown on my lid. Now when I say a little goes a long way.. I MEAN IT!! The pigmentation in these products are insane!!!! With this eye look I literally used the tiniest blob ever and panicked as I though I’d made a total mess!! But as you can see, it blends out perfectly!! I didn’t have to go back in and build the pigment back up and I didn’t need to correct anything.

Red Lids With Black Wing

This was my favourite look, although I could have blended abit more, I love how bright the red is on my eyes!! Also anyone who knows me will know has utter shit I am at doing a wing, I have thrown the biggest tantrums ever with black all up the side of my face haha!! I’d totally given up even attempting to do a winged liner until I gave this a go. Granted I’ve never used a liquid liner in the past, it’s always been a pen/pencil, but as you can see here I smashed it!! It was easy to tidy with the concealer to get that sharp edge, the pigment was insane and lasted all day, and it dried down lovley without ay smudging or transferring which in itself is amazing when you see how hooded my eyes are!! Now I can wing it too!!

Rosy Cheeks

How natural do them cheeks look?? I used the same red emulsion as the one from the red eye look and my cheeks as a blush. At first I thought I was going to look like a clown haha but with a little blending and then the other side I put that bit less of product on I absolutely loved how naturally rosy my cheeks look!! I’m a sucker for blush so this was love at first sight. It just goes to show how versatile the products are when you compare me cheeks to my eyes as it doesnt even look remotely similar!!


So beauties, in my own personal opinion I highly recommend trying out these emulsions yourself! I love the longevity of the product and that you can mix each colour to create your own unique shades!! I can’t wait to keep on experimenting and will be getting some of the other colours they do so that I can be more creative, so make sure you’re following my Instagram so you can see what I come up with!! Have you tried this brand before?? Let me know down in the comments!! I ca’t thank Alice enough for giving me the opportunity to test out these amazing products and work with her.

Are you enjoying my reviews?? Is there anything you’d like me to review/write about?? Your thoughts/opinions really matter to me and help me with planning my content!! Please leave your thoughts in the comments for me!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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14 thoughts on “One Product – Multiple Uses”

  1. Girl, you got this winged eye look done perfectly! Love these colors, the brown looks lovely and rosy cheeks are fantastic. Did they feel good on your skin> not sweaty? I love the fact that it is all cruelty-free and that you can use it in many ways. Minimalist like I like:)

    1. Thanks babe!!
      Litro went on like butter it’s insane!! Not oily at all and I sweat like mad and they didn’t budge all day!!

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