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Hey Beauties!! Hope you’re all fabulous!!

This week I want to talk about how I’m going to do the next 3 months on No Spend/Low Spend. I’ve seen loads of YouTube posts on this over the past month or 2 and it got me thinking “Hey I can do that!!”. We all know what it’s like after Christmas when the bills start rolling in, it’s a new year and people want to crack on with the latest trends or plan their next holiday, the money has to come from somewhere right?! Also there’s the January sales where we go wild buying things we don’t REALLY need but the price just drags us in!!

What Is No Spend/Low Spend??

Now me being me when I first heard of this I thought people we actually not spending any money at all thoughout the time they were doing this. Like what were they eating?! How were they paying bills?! Let me explain. Throughout the month I’ll be paying my bills, gas, electric, rent ect, but I wont be doing any of the ‘excess’ or ‘random’ spending. I HAVE to use what we have in the house. So that’s no new makeup, no new clothes, no extra cleaning products because I havent got that scent yet (Tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!) you get the general idea yeah??

When it comes to food shopping I can only buy what I actually need, if it’s in the cupboard I really don’t need to buy 3 more because they’re on sale for 20p less!! And this also means no stopping in the middle isles at Aldis and no browsing through the clothes section at Asda!! How hard can it be right?!

The basic idea is that you stop carelessly spending so that you save more money!! We want to finally do our bedroom out as we neglets our needs/space to make sure the kids have everything they need and nice holiday’s so that’s the inspo for this.

What Can I Buy??

I’m setting myself limits on what isn’t classed as a ‘Necessity’ but more of a limited spend hense the ‘Low Spend’ part. This can be anything from trips to the salon to meals out ect. So what exactly are we allowing ourselves to buy??

  • Nails – This is the only ‘majour’ spend out I treat myself to regular and as it’s only every 3-4 weeks anyway I’m going to keep up with this.
  • Drinks – I must admit I’m one for popping into Costa a minimum of once a week and can go upto 3 or 4 times a week!! Also my husband has a habbit of grabbing a Costa from the machine at work (even thought he takes coffee in a flask!!) and gets random energy drinks or HAS to buy a bottle of something while we are out even if we’re on our way home!! So this is all stopping and we are giving ourselves ONE costa trip a week.
  • Food shopping – As I said above only buy what we need, BUT, we eat ALOT of meat (sorry veggie/vegan friends!) so if we come across meat that’s on sale we are going to grab it and freeze it for later on rather than pay full price at a later date when we may run out.
  • Date Night – we are gving ourselves a date night once a month, mammy and daddy need a little time away from the sprogs now and again just to keep our sanity!!
  • Products – When it comes to cleaning supplies, hair care, makeup, skincare ect we are only allowed to REPLACE and item once we run out. So if we run out of say Flash cleaning spray, my 6 bottles of Zoflora in the box will do the same job. So only replacing!!

We plan on doing this for 3 months so until end of March. I’ll write a post in April to update you all to see if we’ve managed to stick to it and if we’ve seen a difference in our bank balance. Hopefully we will and we can make our bedroom finally a cosy space of our own!!

Has anyone else tried this or done something similar in the past?? How did you find it?? Let me know in the comments below please, I love hearing others experience’s!! If you haven’t, would you give it a go??

Top Tip

It’s always good to have a reason behind doing something like this to keep your eye on the prize shall we say. So for us it’s our bedroom. It may not seem like a big thing, but as a family of 4 with bills, school and a holiday being our main priority, it’s often hard to find that extra bit of cash to do the little things. Here are some idea’s of reasons to try this.

  • Saving for a holiday
  • New car
  • Driving lessons/test
  • Saving for a mortgage – we all know how ridiculously expensive that shit can be!! Every penny helps!!
  • Extra cash for Christmas
  • Maybe you’ve been trying to save for that new games console
  • Spending money for an upcoming trip
  • College/Uni funds for your children when they’re older

The list really is endless when it comes to chosing a goal to keep you motivated. Just remember that no matter how big or small your goal is, no matter what anyone says, it’s something that YOU want. My parents have always taught me from a young age ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’ so I think it’s about time to make my life that little bit easier. What would you like to save for??

Wish me luck guys and gals!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

32 thoughts on “No Spend/Low Spend Save Money With Us!!”

  1. Good luck honey! I would absolutely love to give this a try, but I’m terribly impulsive with my spending. I would literally have to hand over my phone and debit cards to someone else for 3 months.
    Got everything crossed for you though, and I hope you get your bedroom sorted πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks beautiful!! Haha I genuinly thought I’d be absolutely rubbish with it but I’m not doing too bad atm!! But the bedroom is the end goal and I need some cosey space for us now lol!! x

  2. Love the idea of cutting out impulsive or unnecessary spending. I’d love to know if after a few months you’ve realised how much you don’t need those extra items or if you miss them!

  3. Good luck! We’ve changed out.spending habits entirely and have really minimized our spending! It’s how we made it through losing my income, and when the hubs got laid off at the same time, we had enough money saved to make it through! We follow the Dave Ramsey “envelope system.” Tough at first, but you can do it! It’s worth it in the end!

    1. Thanks hun!! Oh wow well done thats absolutely amazing!!! Yes I’ve seen that on youtube, I’ve been considering trying that next!!

  4. Best of luck with this! I started changing my spending habits around 3 months ago and tracking my expenses/savings and it’s almost giving me the illusions of “more money” in a way – since I know where it is and I can now budget properly!

    Have a lovely day <3 x

  5. Good ideas! I tell you a secret: I love saving! Once you really get into it, you start asking yourself why you bought all that crap to begin with. Things will only get better once you stop spending!

    1. Thanks!! That’s exactly what I’m hoping!! I’m a good saver when it comes to holidays and that, but I’ll always cut myself short to save, so that’s why I decdied to change things up!!

  6. Anni Reddie (Annmaries Blog on twitter)

    I want to try this. I will be keeping tabs on you to see how you get on. Great idea, I had actually never heard of it but its a great idea. My daughters 9th bday was Xmas day, and my sons 7th bday is on the 31st of Jan!! So, yeah, I could really use some tips on how to save the pennies. Thank you for a great post babe. xx

    1. I’ll post in a few months πŸ™‚
      Ohh I feel you, my son is oct and my daughter is feb.. but your’s are mega close!! Let me know how you get on!! xx

  7. Good luck! I’m trying a saving challenge this year, hoping to give myself a good kick up the butt to start putting money away to buy a house! This sounds like a great idea to help you stay in budget & curb those sometimes bad spending habits! I may have to also try something similar!

    Lucy-Kate |

  8. What a great post! Am trying to be much more aware of why I spend this year. When you really consider what your actual outplays are every month, it’s shocking what we spend. Thank you for a really useful guide xxx

  9. Great post and I wish you all the best with your financial goals! I’m challenging myself to a no-spend year this year with clothes. I have many clothes that I need to donate and sell as well, so that’s extra cash to go towards savings πŸ™‚

  10. Such a good post! Best of luck!! I’m an impulsive spender myself so I need to try this! I go for sometime doing well with my spending habits and then bam I spend again lol

  11. Good luck! We are also on saving mode right now, and I agree to all your tips! It’s always so tempting to buy things that are on sale when grocery shopping. You really just got to stick with the basics and necessities.

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