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Hey Beauties!! How are you all?? Before we start this post let’s do a mental health check in, let me know in the comments how you’re feeling and if there’s anything you think me writing about may help you?!

These days CBD has become a well known medical revolutionary!! With people using it all over the world for medicinal purposes and it now becoming legal in the UK on the NHS we are seeing more and more of it. When I come across brands that have CBD as an ingrident I get quite excited as the benefits are amazing (I’ll write a more in depth post on this if you want me to?!) and I feel the need to try them all out!!

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I came across the company Fresh Farms x Plush on twitter and after browsing through their website I reached out to see they would like to work on a post with me. Thankfully they said yes and sent me over some products to try out and see for myself, why they have such a passion for CBD.

I asked the owners about the brand and where the idea came from, here’s what they said –

Vem Miller – I was trying to make coffee with a metal pot, and what I didn’t realize it that because the entire thing was metal, the handle had reached scorching temperatures. When I grabbed it, I literally heard the sound of the sizzle of my skin from the heat on the metal. I was in the Fresh Farms CBD lab at the time, and so I instinctually dipped my hand into some old cbd oil. I guess its a liquid and I thought that the searing pain would be helped by it. Within a few minutes, the pain died down, but what was most mind blowing to me is that the CBD prevented the burn on my finger from developing into a blister, or even scarring temporarily beyond the damage done from the initial burn (my fingerprints erased and some flattening to the skin, now I know how the criminals do it 🙂  

At that time, we had a tiny make shift lab, back in 2017,  where we were creating topicals and supplements for athletes who are suffering from injuries and constant pain. We were not thinking about the skin applications. But that changed when I saw that little miracle in the lab. Within 30 mins I was back to normal, where as if I didnt use CBD, My finger would have blistered, and the discomfort of that process would last for weeks. So we said that we should start exploring the skin applications for CBD. It was an idea that was well supported by members of my family, many who suffer from sensitive skin, eczema, rashes. 

Our first official product after a good amount of trial and error was Plush Superfood Skin Oil. Its a moisturizer packed with natural anti oxidants, Moroccan Argan Oil, Californian Hemp Extract CBD, Terpenes, and incredible natural adsorbents which help to trap the moisture so you’re not having to constantly reapply. Many of our customers feel that it is a perfect moisturizer because it works on all kinds of skin. People with combo skin say that even though they have very oily and very dry patches, the Plush Superfood skin Oil helps brings balance to both parts of the skin. Many of our customers used it as a natural option for help with eczema and other skin ailments. Some of the pharmaceutical options for skin ailments also have a lot of side effects, so we wanted to create something powerful for people wanting a natural option. We followed the Superfood Skin Oil with the Plush All Body Luxury Balm. Customers use the balm for skin relief, pain relief, and relaxation. Soon, we’ll have specialized tinctures under the Plush brand for customers with a variety of holistic needs. 

We’ve very excited about creating unique products and exploring all the possibilities of natural approaches to skin care and beauty.”

I think that’s an amazing story!! I love how from a simple accident, a brand was born. They sent me over 3 products to try out and I’ve been using them all daily, so let’s take a look at my experience with them.

CBD Skin Oil

In the picture oppostie you can see what exactly this product is meant to do. Seems pretty awesome right?? I was abit nervous about trying this as with it being an oil and me having combination skin (I’m often a sweaty mess!) I was worried that I’d look like a chip pan (basically a pot of oil for those who don’t know what this is). I started using it in the mornings after my normal cleansing routine (Let me know if you’d like a post on my daily skincare routine in the comments!) putting 1 pump onto my hands, massaging it into my skin and then rubbing the left over onto my cuticles. Shockingly it gave me a beautiful glow, absorbed very quickly and left my face smooth and silky. My cuticles also started to not look cracked and they healed after a couple of days of doing this.

When I realised how great my skin was coming along I decided to give it a try on my sons face just around where he had spots, seen as the leaflet said it helps with breakouts. This bit’s ridiculous now, he woke the next day and his spots had faded so much!! I am sooooo annoyed with myself for not taking a photo of his skin the day before, but I honestly didn’t think it would even work!! I thought hey what’s the harm?? AND IT BLOODY WORKED!! One happy 11 year old!!

This is what my skin looks like after using the oil. I love this healthy glow.

CBD Body Butter

This was by far my favourite product!!!!! When I say it worked miracles I mean it!! Claiming to help with not only moisturizing, but inflamation, aches and pains, it did all of those!! The smell was very relaxing (strong but I love that kind of smell) but when applied to areas I have pain at, Back, shoulder, knees ect (all my joints due to my illnesses) it took the pain away within less that 5 minites!! No this is not an exaggeration, I can honestly say I’ve used this morning, noon and night and it’s really helped me. I will literally be devastated when it runs out!! Saying that, I know it will last ages as you need the tiniest bit and it goes along way. I havent even made a dent in the tin yet. This is something that for someone who suffers from any form of illness that causes pain and doesnt want to constantly take pain meds (let’s face it, it sucks ass having to!) I would highly reccomend you to invest in this!! I promise you won’t be dissapointed!!

CBD Lip Scrub Prep and Prime

I’ve only ever used one lip scrub and that’s from Lush, so at first this wasn’t a WOW moment to test out. But after using it a few times I really started to enjoy it and it’s now become part of my makeup routine. There’s no nasty taste and it doesn’t smell (atleast I can’t smell it haha) and it leaves my lips smooth and plump ready for whatever lip product I’m wearing that day. I suffer with really dry lips through cold weather but this seems to have kept it at bay. A lip scrub is something I wouldn’t think to walk into a shop a buy, but if you’re into them then I’d reccomend giving this a go. After all, it’s natural so it an only do you some good!!

Be sure to check out the full range of products by visiting their website where they have some amazing deals!! Perfect for a gift also!! If you do purchase anything don’t forget to use my code sleejones20 for 20% off!!!!!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve heard of this brand or if you’ve tried anything similar. I’m always on the look out for great skincare options!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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16 thoughts on “Natural CBD SkinCare”

    1. I’ve done the drops and vapes, but same as you I’d never done topical, I thought it wouldn’t work if I’m honest but I really have fallen in love with them.

  1. I have read many good things about CBD Products, and sometimes its difficult to find the right one. Their products seems very original and good for the skin.


    1. Yes I agree, it really is hard to find good ones or even the right brand.. but give these a go they’re great!! x

  2. What an interesting origin story for this brand! Your skin looks lovely (mine is terrible so I might try CBD skincare, right now I just take cbd oil orally)

    1. It’s fab isnt it!! Awahh thankyou, It’s worth trying, I’ve had it orally for a few years but this has really helped mine and my little boy’s skin.

  3. This looks amazing! I also have combination skin and it can be such a pain. I also suffer with breakouts pretty much all the time everywhere on my face so I think I’ll give this a try sometime. x

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