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Do you ever look at your makeup collection and think it’s getting out of hand?? Like why do I need 5 bronzers and 10 brown eyeshadows?? I don’t know about you but I tend to end up going for the same products over and over!! So I’ve narrowed my products down to my ‘Everyday’ essentials. This isn’t sponsered in any way, these are all my own opinions on what I find good quality for money and what I tend to use over and over.

Nothing special, just a natural look to hide my dark circles/bags, make me look like I’ve had plenty of sleep when in reality 5hours is my average and makes me look like a zombie!! I don’t by no means where makeup every single day, but this is what I do for the office, shopping, out for brunch, when I 1. havent got time to fuss 2. I dont want to look over done or 3. I just simply can’t be arssed!!

Below I have listed the products I use with links on where you can purchace them. Some links are affiliate links which just means if you purchace the product through that link I will earn a small commission which I am very greatful of. All products mentioned are cruelty free!!

Foundation –  Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick  is my MUST HAVE for those day’s when I’m in a rush and want that ‘flawless’ looking skin. It has a buildable coverage but is generally a great full coverage product!! Not matte but not full on dewy  finish (even though it’s advertised as dewy). I also use this in a darker shade to bronze/contour. At just £5 it’s an absolute bargain!!

Concealer – Revolution Conceal And Define is my go to!! I dont always need concealer with the fast base foundation stick, but if I do, this is it. If you like Tarte Shape Tape you’ll love this bargain dupe at just £4!!!

Bronzer – Kiko Milano Baked Bronzer is my all time fave!! I can’t rave about this product enough. It’s buildable, has the perfect glow and a slight shimmer finish to it. Abit pricey at £16.99 but so worth it!! This product will last you forever!!!! It smells great too!!

Brows – Sadly I have no link for brows as I use the P.S Skinny Brow Pencil from Primark. At only £2 (I know right!) I gave up using my Nyx Pencil for this!!!!! Save your coins ladies and gents, this is a winner!!

Lashes – Now I’m not a lash girl EVER. I only use mascara as I have quite full long lashes. I’m always willing to try different products but I LOVE Kiko Milanos Luxurious Lashes Mascara is perfect for me. Not too thick and clumpy and easy to wash off. It gives my lashes that extra boost I like to have. I get mine off Amazon as its cheaper at £7.20.

And that’s it!! Any lip colour will go with this look although I do tend to just stick to whatever nude/brown I pick up that day. But it’s simple, natural looking and quick to get me out the door!! I hope you enjoyed this read, let me know if you try any of these products or have any go to faves of your own for me to try!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

13 thoughts on “My Go To Everyday Makeup Products”

  1. Do you recommend any primer ? I have a combination type skin and have the worst luck with primers last one I bought was the urban decay one and completely hated it! Open to any suggestions

    1. Try too faced hangover primer!! I also have combination skin and this has been the best one ive tried. Its quite light and goes tacky as you rub it in, it’s my go to when I know im going to be sweating and need my makeup to last longer. Let me know if you do try it 🙂

  2. I pretty much stay away from makeup because I’m incompetent at it, lol. I like that your tips and suggestions are minimal.

    1. lol honestly it’s taken me lot’s of practice to get where I am!! But yeah my day to day is really minimal and simple!! I could never do a full glam look every single day like some do haha.

  3. Love this! Love how simple it is. I have three drawers full of make up and I don’t even know what. I wear the same thing every day… I have those 10 brown eyeshadows you are talking about lol! I need to clean it all up! Thanks for this! Feeling inspired!

    1. Thanks!! Keep an eye out as i’ll be doing one based on older skin soon as I do my mothers makeup also 🙂

  4. It’s really refreshing how minimal this is! My makeup collection is absolutely ridiculous. Tried to have a huge clear out recently and only managed to throw a few things away because I use most of it…but that also means there’s hardly any everyday use products either. I think I’d be here for weeks if I tried to do a post like this x


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