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With christmas just around the corner parties and nights out will soon be upon us!! We all dream of going on a night out or for a meal and not having to take 10 bathroom breaks just to top up those patchy marks where we’ve been sweating on the dance floor or our lipstick has faded from all the eating and drinking we’ve just done. But wouldn’t it be amazing if we could find products that actually last on our faces long enough to not do all this?!

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash

I suffer from Hyperhidrosis’ of the face and head which means from the neck up, I sweat more than a monkey in a steam room!! I’d spend so much time crying about how I’ve just sat for over an hour and done this amazing makeup look but I’ve sweat so much half of it is running down my neck or patchy before I’ve even left the house!! I mean nobody like’s a SULA right?! (Sweaty Upper Lip Alert)

So I’ve spent the past few year’s looking into products that wont make me look like my face is melting off even when my face is scorching!! And I think I’ve got a routine that works perfect for me so I’d love to share it with you. I’ve put together a little list of the products I go to if I’m going out and I want my makeup to stay perfect. I’ve linked them to website’s that you can oder from incase like me you can’t get out and about too much or you just havent got the time to go trapsing through shops!! If you want more of an everyday look check out a previous post on My Go To Everyday Make-up Look.

** Disclaimer, some of the links I’ll provide are affiliate links which’s means I’d earn a small commission in an item was purchased but at no extra cost to you!! This is NOT a sponsered post and all views are my own.**


I don’t go for 1 exact primer that you HAVE TO HAVE exactly. My primer changes on how my skin is each time I use it. Having combination skin some days I need a hydrating one and others I need a mattefying one. So here’s just some I’ve tried and really like.


Ok ladies and gents, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is my ride or die foundation!! Coming in at £29 it isn’t the cheapest I know, which is why it’s no my everyday foundation. But my skin not only looks and feels amazing with it, it just doesn’t budge!!
Infused with coconut water that aids in delicately replenishing skin’s moisture levels. The alpine rose helps empower the skin’s health and resilience and Hyaluronic acid gives a smoother, more youthful appearance. It’s also oil-free and cruelty-free!! It color corrects my skin tone and it hides all my imperfections!! Keep an eye out on Cult Beauty as they often have offers on where you get free delivery or a free gift when you spend so much.

Set Your Brows

I know it may sound stupid to set your brows but for me this is important. I have a lot of hair and most of the time it gets in my face and wiping it away often makes my brow hairs go out of place. So I like to use a brow setter to keep them all in place, plus it makes them look ALOT more natural!! I use this AFTER I’ve filled in my brows. The one I use over and over again is Nyx Control Freak Eyebrow Gel and Nyx Tinted Brow Mascara. At £6-£7 they’re a must in my brow routine!!

Set It All In Place

As far as setting sprays go, there’s only 2 that I find are the best for me!! Depending on what look I’m going for, e.g matte or dewey, these are the 2 I use. Both give a lovley finish to my makeup and keep it in place. I like to finely spray it over my face then fan it dry usually by


So you may be wondering why I haven’t said about the above. Well that’s simply because I don’t find any particular one last’s longer than the other. Yes ofcourse I do have my favourite products but anything you use will work!! You can see my previous post here where I mention my fave go to products for daily makeup.

Here’s a look I did for my cousin’s wedding in Valencia in September.

And that’s it ladies and gents!! I hope you like this little post and if you do try anything I’ve reccomended please let me know in the comments so I know what you thought!! Are there ay products you’d like me to review for you?! I’d love to hear your recommendations too!! Hope you all have fab christmas parties!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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20 thoughts on “Makeup That Will Last All Night”

  1. Looking fabulous! I need these tips so badly. My eye makeup stays on well but my base needs a retouch usually already in the bus ? Once I had professional makeup done for an event and I swear I didn’t freshen it up even once between 6pm-2am. Alas, I can’t book her every week so will follow your guide ?

    1. Thankyou!! 😀 .. Oh it’s such a pain isnt it, I hate when I have to retouch, but these products work for me and dont budge!! Let me know how you get on 🙂 xx

    1. It’s a oain isn’t it!! It felt like I’d tried sooooo many foundations out there but I finally was reccomended this one around 2 years back and fell in love, let me know what you think!! x

  2. This is great! I got on a new birth control recently which made my skin’s texture completely change (I went from very dry and flaky to super oily and acne prone, but still with dry patches), and I’ve really been struggling to find products that will not just slide off my slick skin or further dehydrate the dry parts.

    1. Thanks!! Oh I get you with medication changing your skin, mine has done it to me a good few times!! I find combination is the worst as usually you get a product for one type and then that counteracts the other making it worse. Please let me know if you do end up trying this 😀

  3. Yes to a look that lasts all night. It is such a bother to have to keep replenishing make-up throughout the day, and takes up space, if one is going out with a small purse. Love your look and the solution you have found.

  4. Great tips here. I struggle to keep my make up in place.
    I really love MAC strobe cream as a primer at the moment but I’m definitely on the hunt for a new foundation.
    I gave up with powder because it dried me out but you may have convinced me to give it another go!

    1. I litro have only used one mac product and that was a foundation years ago!!
      I get what you mean with the powder though, I hated the way my skin looked dry and cakey, but I absolutely love this one!!

  5. Wow!! I badly wanted this. I’m so bad at choosing a foundation. Maybe I’ll give Too Faced a go ☺️

    Much Love,
    Farzanah Mohamed ♥️

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