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Recently for date night, me and the husband went to see the new christmas film ‘Last Chrstmas’. I was unsure what it would be like as I find the adverts on TV these days show u all the best bits so when we see the actual film it’s just been ‘bigged up’ too much!! But this one was different.

The Story Line

Don’t worry I wont give any spoilers!! Meet kate (Emilia Clarke) a 20 something girl trying to get onto the west end stage. Her life is abit of a mess, working in a christmas shop all year round, her family constantly on her back and she seem’s to constantly walk into disaster. Until there’s Tom (Henry Golding). A handsome guy who shows up out of nowhere and takes her under his wing, but is he too good to be true?? Why does he keep disappearing?? All she knows is there’s a connection she can’t explain but she can’t let go of him.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this film!! It has comedy, romance, heartache, drama, singing, dancing, EVERYTHING. Throughout the whole film is George Michael music so you’re guaranteed to be singing the song’s in your head as you watch. I laughed and I cried. But the best bit is that I left feeling in the festive spirit!! It’s been a long time since a good christmas film has come out and it will definitely be on my life to buy as soon as it’s released!! I Highley recommend you go see it, you wont be dissapointed!!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve already seen it and what you think or if you’re planning on seeing it soon!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

12 thoughts on “Last Christmas Film Review”

  1. I loveeeee Emilia Clarke so this movie is a must watch for me! It definitely feels very Christmas-y and I love seeing the festive part of London, absolutely beautiful. Music was great too but I just can’t take the plot twist at the end haha. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the movie and I’m glad you did too!


    1. Ohh she is incredible isnt she!! Haha the ending finished me, I was a sobbing mess in the cinema lmao!!
      Glad you enjoyed it too!! x

  2. I’m planning on seeing it! I’m so glad you and so many others have said nothing but good things about the movie. I cant wait to watch it! Thank you for sharing(:

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