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So this past week has been a struggle!! I wont lie, there has been many times I’ve just sat and cried wanting to give up. There’s only so much a girl can take right?! Well this one isnt ready to give up just yet, and I need to rant!! 

It all started a week ago when I went to the toilet and noticed some blood coming from where it shouldnt have been. Panic stations right? Not just yet! This has happened before, a few times. Its probably piles or a fisher tear. So I ignore it and carry on about my day. 

As the week goes on I dont feel right, I’m bleeding more, ALOT more and my stomach is hurting pretty bad now. Although this could be symptoms of other illnesses I have, something just doesnt feel right this time. 

So Friday morning I made a drs appointment (when I FINALLY got through!). After an examination he comes up with the conclusion that he thinks I have ‘ulcerative colitis’ an autoimmune disease that effects the colon and anal canal causing ulcers, swelling and infectionss. FABULOUS!! Just what I need, ANOTHER FUCKING THING TO ADD TO THE LIST!! 

I mean tell me im not alone here?! Do you ever feel like your body just wants to screw you over?! Don’t I go through enough as it is?! Clearly not!! 

So off I go, prescription in hand for a load of steroids (great now im going to look like a hamster too!!) to stop the bleeding and hopfully take down the swelling. 

That night I ended up at the hospital, the pain was so intense I just couldnt take it anymore. Enough was enough. But was it?? The dr in out of hours didnt seem to think so, after waiting for an hour over my appointment time, I get seen to just be told I havent got a definite diagnosis so theres not much they can do, and dont take any painkillers to see if the steroids will help. FRUSTRATED AS FUCK!! 

So here I am 2 days later, thankfully said steroids seem to be doing something. But I still dont feel right. I feel like I’ve been left to the unknown again, and I’m not sure how I completely feel. Down, scared, helpless.. the list goes on really. 

I’m thankfull that I’m slowly feeling abit better and that the steroids are working. But I cant help but feel deflated. How much can a body take before it finally gives up?? 

Much love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx 

P.S… If and when I get a diagnosis, I’ll update you!!

6 thoughts on “Is my invisible illness list getting bigger??”

  1. Ouch! This sounds traumatic and horrible. I'm glad you are recovering but still take it easy.
    Why don't you get a second opinion?
    Something to cheer you up. I'm 61 and your body seriously starts falling apart the older you get so another reason for that second opinion. Take care and keep blogging! Xx

  2. I’m sorry. Autoimmune diseases suck because once you have one, so many others want to come play. UGH . I hope you get some diagnoses soon. Took me 7 years for a Lupus one…hugs

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