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It’s creepy season!!

2020 has been a crazy year and no doubt Halloween around the world is going to be different from normal. There won’t be any trick or treaters knocking on the door (YESSS!!) and you will need to find something to entertain your kids with so they don’t miss out too much on their usual Halloween activities.

Below I have listed some of my family’s favorite Halloween activities along with some of my personal old-school Halloween films for children.

Bobbing For Apples

Also known in some places as ‘Ducking Apples’ this is an absolute must on Halloween. All you need is a bowl or bucket, some apples, and water!! The idea is to get the apples out of the bucket of water with only your mouth, NO HANDS!! This has filled our house with laughter over the years and has become a tradition since I was a little sprog myself.

Even our furbaby likes to get involved!!

Take A Bite

Don’t fancy getting wet?? Then this is an alternative to stay dry and still have fun. All you need is an apple and some string!!
Tie the string around the apple leaving enough for the apple to hang. Someone standing on a chair/table holding the string while the players take turns being blindfolded trying to take a bite from the apple, again, NO HANDS!!.

Pumpkin Carving

There are the pumpkins that we carved last year.

Is it even Halloween without carving a pumpkin??
I’m personally not the biggest of fans of this purely because of the mess, haha but the sprogs did it for the first time last year and they loved it!! You can pick up a decent size pumpkin at your local supermarket or alternatively (like we did) there are plenty of farms that make the effort to grow them all year for you to visit their fields and pick your own. We had so much fun doing this last year and lockdown permitting, we will visit again this year.

Movie Time

Pin for later!!

Here is a list of some family-friendly films that I watched when I was a child and now the sprogs love them too. You can’t beat turning the lights off on Halloween with a spooky film and lots of munch!! Sometimes old is better and what better way than to show them some forgotten faves??

Halloween Town
Halloween Town 2 Kalabars Revenge
Return To Halloween Town
Halloween Town High
Don’t Look Under The Bed
The Little Vampire
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire
Hocus Pocus

All the above are available on Disney+

What’s your fave Halloween film?? Let me know down in the comments.

Don’t forget, just because you can’t go out it doesn’t mean you can’t still get dressed up in your best costumes and have a creepy fun night in!!

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18 thoughts on “Halloween For All The Family”

  1. I have never bobbed for apples before, but I should try it & I think my daughter would have fun too!
    Every year I carve a pumpkin with my daughter & we also started watching Halloween movies! Yesterday we watched Hotel Transylvania & the other day I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas with my bf

  2. I’ve already forwarded this onto my cousin to try with her daughter this Halloween!! Love the post, and the movie recommendations! xx

  3. These are such wonderful ideas for a nice Halloween night in! I love carving pumpkins, although it’s definitely messy, haha. That’s something I really miss from when I was younger. And what classic movies! The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favorites! I have to watch it every year around Halloween. ?? Fantastic post! Thank you very much for sharing it! ?

  4. I am doing full sfx to look like fred kruger just to sit indoors. Of course we can still have fun inside even though we might not be going out. Great post x

    1. Its great fun!! Top tip would be to not bother with the pumpkin carving kits, they are so rubbish!! Just use a sharp knife and draw your design on first ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think we’re going to be doing all of these this year because we’re not gonna be allowed out! Thank you for sharing this โค๏ธ

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