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**This is a sponsored post. It may contain gifted items and/or affiliate links, but all my opinions/reviews are entirely my own!! I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t agree with.**

How are we at the Christmas season again?! I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has been a crazy year that has had us all thinking about what 2021 may bring.

So, with all the rubbish going on in the world right now, let’s take some time to get into the Christmas spirit and cheer ourselves up!!

I spent lockdown trying to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. One way I did this was to work with only eco-friendly brands that could give me alternative products to shop-bought. Below is a list of products that are PERFECT for being more eco-friendly this Christmas.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

I have heard so much about shampoo and conditioner bars over the past 2 years on social media and clients. Being a hairdresser I am so conscious of what I put on my hair and what I recommend to clients and until now, the typical comment on these bars has been that they leave your hair feeling really dry.

After talking with Sue from Kind2, she assured me that her products have that extra oomph to leave your hair feeling silky smooth. I was so grateful to have been sent some to try out as I’ve yet to find any that have reviews that have made me want to purchase them.

After using them for the past month I can firmly say my hair is feeling amazing!! Never dry, and my hair has been less greasy also. This is something that I’ll be putting on my list to Santa this year and would be a great gift to someone who is thinking about making the change to package free haircare or if you have a Vegan friend that you don’t know what to buy them!! (Let’s face it, we all have one haha).
If you’d like me to do a full in-depth review of these products just let me know down in the comments!!

Check them out on social media!!

Must-Have Phone Accessory

This is a must this Christmas if you have someone or know something that is having a new phone!! Phone Hug attaches easily to your phone and can be clipped to loopholes on your jeans, they have cool lanyards and wrist straps also, these are great for being outdoors to keep your phone safe. They come in many colors including a Glow IN The Dark one which was a big hit in our house!! PhoneHug is made from high-quality food-grade silicone, so it can be recycled, ground down, and used as filler in other products, like crash mats.

We were lucky enough to be sent a package of the products to try out for ourselves and they were a hit!! My son doesn’t leave the house without his Phone Hug and lanyard and it’s peace of mind for me knowing that his phone isn’t going to end up smashed on the floor or taken as it’s safely inside his t-shirt and down into his pockets. When my daughter has her first phone next year she has already picked the pink one!!

Here is the Glow in the dark strap on my sons phone (can you tell he’s a pre teen?!)
This is my fave one, in the picture above I have the black one on there but the camera doesn’t pick it up, so if you wanted something discreet then that would be a great choice!!

Candle Anyone??

Christmas in a jar?? Who doesn’t love a candle?? It’s a gift that EVERYONE can appreciate!! There is nothing better than lighting a new candle and feeling cosey in the Autumn/Winter months. I was kindly sent out this beautiful candle jar from Edit Life UK. The candle is made by the brand Self Care Co. They are a vegan and eco-friendly business in London that use sustainable methods and products and hand pour every single candle themselves!! Their jar candles have a burn time of around 60-80 hours.

Now when I say the scent on these candles is strong I mean it!! That 60-80 hours burn time is going to seem a lot longer and it will be money well spent!! The smell from taking the lid off was lush, when lit, I could only stand to have it burning for around 30-40 minutes as it was so strong my whole house smelt as if I’d walked through pouring it everywhere!! The smell lasted around 3-4 hours after blowing it out also!! I absolutely love how the house smelt like Christmas, it really got us all excited for the festive season to begin. Legit the best candle I have EVER used. I was gifted the scent of Cinnamon, Orange, and Clove (pictured above).


Sometimes we just have no idea what to buy someone. They have EVERYTHING!! Hampers are a great idea as they can be as big or little as you like and can look so beautiful and well thought out. Me and my husband always look forward to the hamper my parents make us every Christmas!!

The Social Stories Club from Edinburgh does all of this for you!! With every purchase of their Ethical Gift Boxes, money is donated to a cause of some sort from all over the world. This is great for that someone who always says to you “You don’t need to buy me anything” as they can feel that their gift has helped others in need.

They have plenty of different gift-boxes to chose from, each filled with only the best of items such as chocolate, drinks, snacks, etc. What I like most is that they even have a ‘Build your own’ option and all of their treats are vegetarian-friendly. They taste so good that it’s hard to believe they’re healthy!! This would also be great for someone who loves to cook as they can use products to create a masterpiece of their own.

Gift Wrap

If you want to make a lasting impression or add that extra special touch to a gift, then you need this wrapping paper!! Pretty Gifted is an eco-friendly paper that can be personalized!! I have an on-going relationship with this brand as I absolutely love them, you can read my full review and see my first impressions video here. Below is an image of the papers I designed recently with their new colors and fonts.

Little Green Paper Shop

Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, I’d like to introduce you to the Little Green Paper Shop. They are a small family run business focussed on Eco-Stationary. Here’s what makes them so special, their products are made from –

  • Plantable Seed Paper
  • Reindeer Poo Paper
  • Elephant Poo Paper
  • SugarCane Paper

Yep, you read right!! These papers help protect the environment from deforestation and give back to great causes like elephant sanctuaries. This is such a unique company and I am so proud to get the chance to share them with you!!

This Christmas they have products such as –

  • Christmas Cards
  • DIY Cracker Kits
  • Gift Tags
  • Gift Wrap

They have great designs as you can see in the image above. I highly recommend the DIY crackers, they would be perfect for, inside a Christmas Eve box, your little ones can draw and color on them first before putting them together. A great little activity to get in the festive mood and then enjoy pulling them apart on Christmas day!!

I hope you enjoyed the second of this annual series I have started and don’t forget to check out last year’s post for Stocking Filler Ideas £10 And Under.

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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18 thoughts on “An Eco-Friendly Christmas”

    1. I’ve also been trying to incorporate more sustainable products into my life. Got a few beauty ones in my Etsy Christmas gift guide. I love the wrapping paper. Cute designs! Need to look more at shampoo bars, they seem like a good idea ? Lottie x

      1. The wrapping paper is so much fun to create!! Yeah, it takes a while to get used to but I really enjoyed the bars, was nice to not have bottles all over the bathroom also!! 🙂 x

  1. I’ve been into shampoo bars …and would rather using them because it’s better for your hair and convenient. Where I live is very difficult to find shampoo bars whenever I have a chance I grab one.

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