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Hey Beauties!! 2020 was the year I completely upped my eco-friendly game and made a lot of switches at home. Since April is Earth Month I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you some of the changes I have made over the past year. Maybe you will consider changing things also.

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Eco-Friendly Makeup Pads

Time to ditch those nasty face wipes!! We have all been there and, yes they’re convenient and handy to travel with or grab at the end of the day, but do wet wipes really clean your face?? Did you know that most wipes aren’t biodegradable?? Even though some brands have started making biodegradable ones, wet wipes get left to sit in landfills for years and very rarely go away. I switched to reusable pads like these Hemp and Cotton ones by UpCircle and I have seen such a difference in my skin!! I’m not having breakouts as often as I used to and I’ve saved a lot of money by ditching the wipes!! Just pop them in the net bag they come within in the wash and you can reuse them over and over.

Plastic-free Shaving

Is there a more annoying chore when it comes to self-care than shaving?? It is the bane of my life and, being the monkey that I am (or gorilla more like with all this hair) I spend a lot of time shaving. I would normally go through 1 shaver a week on average which when you work it out long term, it adds up to a fair bit of money. So I invested in a Plastic Free Safety Razor again this one is from UpCirlce. It comes with 2 blades and you can refill packs of 10 for less than a pack for 4 shavers, or even 1 with some brands!! On average, you could save up to £200 by switching to a safety razor. This is by far, my favorite change I’ve made in the past year.

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Buying From No Waste Stores

If you haven’t been to a No Waste store then you’re really missing out. A no-waste store is where you take old jars, Tupperware, containers and, fill them up with products you need such as pasta, herbs, oats, etc, and when you have an empty jar again you go back and refill it. Does that make sense?? I hadn’t heard of one of these until last year myself. I go through a lot of herbs and spices, although I grow my own, when my supply is short I’d always buy those tiny pots in the supermarket for £2.50 each and so on. Now I get them from a no waste shop and I can fill a big jar for less than £1!! All the while, helping save the planet as I’m reusing old packaging rather than throwing it away. If you look on Google I’m sure you’ll find your closest local store to you, there are new ones popping up all the time.

AD Switching To Digital

Here’s a different one to think about, how much paper do you use when it comes to notebooks?? If you’re anything like me then you go through a lot!! I have fallen in love with this Digital Notebook by Faërie Lifestyle. It’s the perfect swap!! The site also has lots of other digital items that are just as beautiful!! You can get 10% off anything on the site with my code RHIANNON10.

Switch To Biodegradable

Are you even an adult if you haven’t moved out and have your own collection of Tupperware?? I always remember my mam having LOADS growing up and I never understood why she had so much until I moved out. The only problem is that everything is plastic. If you’re like me and don’t like when plastic tubs become stained, discolored, or the smell of whatever has been in there sticks to it, then you’re probably throwing out and rebuying a lot!!

I made the decision to stop buying any plastic Tupperware and switch to glass and bamboo. Glass is widely more recyclable than plastic and, you don’t get the nasty stains and smells stuck to the inside. Bamboo pots are great for school/work-packed lunch and are biodegradable. Pro’s of doing this is not only being more eco-friendly but also, both materials can be used in the freezer, microwave, hold hot and cold food and glass can more often than not also be used in the oven. So you get a lot more for your money!!

Have you made any eco-friendly switches of your own?? I’d love to know in the comments!! It’s never too late to start and, what better timing than to start during the month of World Earth Day?! April 22nd FYI.

This post has been part of The Lifestyle Ladies Blog collab. Check out the other girl’s posts below. This month’s theme s Earth Day!!

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12 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Switches To Make In 2021”

  1. That’s awesome you’ve been making so many eco swaps! I started shopping with a no waste delivery service last year. They bring my groceries in their cute jars and then pick them up and reuse the jars on the next delivery. It’s been so convenient during the pandemic and I love having no waste!

  2. These are great ideas for switches to make! I already use a makeup eraser & reusable makeup pads, but I definitely want to see if there’s a no-waste store near me!
    I also have several digital planners & journals I need to start using!

    1. Mrs. Slee-Jones

      Oh let me know if you find one!! It’s crazy how much money you can save just on reusable makeup/skincare isn’t it.

  3. This was a great read! I LOVE waste-free grocery stores. I wish I had one closer to my house. Another eco-friendly swap I found SUPER useful was buying one of those reusable utensil kits to carry around. It comes with a straw, a spoon, a fork & knife and a pair of chopsticks… and a little squeegee thingy to clean the straw! I carry it in my purse so I don’t have to use the plastic ones when I eat/drink out.

  4. Great swaps and so simple to make! I swapped my makeup pads to reusable and Q-tips to biodegradable ones. I am also passionate about using all the food that I buy. On fashion front I am paying more and more attention to my shopping habits and have a few nice blog posts about a more sustainable wardrobe. Every little counts!

    1. Mrs. Slee-Jones

      Oh I have been looking at switching q-tips too. I totally agree, if people could change just one thing it would make such a difference!!

  5. love all of these eco-friendly switches! i will def check these out. i no longer use cotton pads and Q-tips and use reusable options instead – like good ol’ wash clothes that can go in the washing machine. thanks for sharing!

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