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Hey Beauties!! Can you believe it’s Easter Sunday next week?! I’m not a religious person but Easter for us is spent with family and knowing that we can’t be together this year is really hitting home.

I made this round up to show that Easter isn’t just for the sprogs. We adults can have fun too!

Granted we don’t want to spend lot’s of money on Easter, some people don’t even eat chocolate during the holidays!! (I know weirdo’s right?! Who doesn’t love Easter Eggs?!) But I’m here to show you some gift’s with a twist!!

Easter Champange

Imagine setting the dinner table the perfect and the finishing touch was a personalized bottle of Easter Champagne?!

Say It WIth Champers are a personalised Champagne and mini Prosecco company that caters for both the general public and business. A range of themed designs covering all the major occasions is available for people to buy throughout the year. They are the only personalised Champagne company that has a family produced Champagne (their premium range) which is made by their relatives in Festigny!! The price per bottle is £35.99 and that includes free delivery. The premium Champagne can be selected on checkout and is an extra £8 per bottle.

I really think this would look amazing on your table for Easter Dinner. It also would make the perfect gift for anyone who may have just moved into a new home in time for Easter. You could even send it to a loved one with a little message on the front to cheer them up!!

When communicating with the brand owner’s I found them very helpful and quick with responses. You can tell they care about their customer’s needs which is something we all really need right now.

I for one already have idea’s on design’s/occasions’ that I could use this champagne for throughout the year!!

You can get your’s HERE @ SAY IT WITH CHAMPERS.

An Easter Treat With A Twist

Who remembers the packets of sherbet that came with a lolly to dip in?? Well, you’re about to relive your childhood!!

This is the perfect alternative to chocolate. How about an alcohol hot cross bun dip?! I know amazing right?? Included in the pack are an Apricot lollipop, Hot Cross Bun sherbet and Orange Liqueur Gel (that’s 10% alcohol). Just pop a bit of that gel on the lolly and dip it in the sherbet.

We had to hide this one from the sprogs!! Adult’s only sorry!!

Well, what a treat it was!! I was kindly sent one to try myself and it was incredible. The 3 flavours (hot cross bun, apricot and orange) all really complimented each other. And when I say the liqueur gel is strong, boy do I mean it!! It was amazing, me and Gav were fighting over it haha.

We didn’t want it to end!!

There was plenty in the pack also, the lolly was really thick, there was just the perfect amount of gel (trust me you don’t need to use much!) and soooo much sherbet!!!! We had loads of sherbet left over which the sprogs tasted and they loved it. It would be great to use on top of another treat.

This is definitely something I would recommend trying for a different take on Easter Treats!! They’re limited edition so make sure you get your order in asap before they all go!! Just click the link below.

You can get you Hotcross Bun Dippers here for just £6!!

So that’s my Adult’s Guide to Easter!! Let me know what you think!! Do you celebrate Easter?? I hope you all have a great Easter and don’t eat too many eggs. Who am I kidding?? I’ma be stuffing ma face!!!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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