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With our children going back to school this week after the christmas holiday’s don’t forget to check in on how they’re feeling about it. If they are complaining about a teacher take the time to sit down and see exactly what’s bothering them. You never know how it could effect them long term.

**Trigger Warning, this post contains references to self harm and mental health. This is my personal experience**

Dear Teacher,

You’re never going to read this letter but I feel the need to write it. I left school over 13 years ago yet the way you treated me torments me still to this day. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why you chose me to be your target. The sly remarks, nasty comment’s, singling me out and embarrassing me in front of the whole cass almost every single lesson.

I would cry at home the night before your class knowing what would be coming that next day. I’d beg my parents to stay home. A subject I once thrived in, I then failed and grew to hate. Even year’s later when I tried to better myself a pass again, I could’t get your voice out of my head telling me I’d ‘never amount to anything’.

No matter what I did it was never enough. You knew the struggles’ I was going through yet still you went out of your way to make me feel like I was drowning in what felt like a never ending nightmare.

I once spent hour’s in A&E gettng my hand seen to, with no sleep and in alot of pain I still made it into school with my arm in a sling the following morning. Yet you spent the whole lesson telling me how ‘pathetic’ I was because I couldn’t write with my non-dominant hand. When I kept trying and dropping the pencil you would laugh at me followed by telling me off even though you knew I had co-ordiation difficulties which was why I couldn’t grip the pencil.

I often had to miss school due to my health. I’d spend days in hospital linked upto machines and IV’s fighting to get through the next health scare terrified of what procedure I’d have to have next. Another surgery?? More painful tests?? Then one day I’d had awful news after being in hospital for a week, when I returned for school you started by shouting at me for not doing the homework that was assigned while I was in hospital. When I told you what was going on you laughed in my face in front of the whole class and said “If you were a dog they’d have put you down by now and if you were a horse they’d have shot you and given up on you”. Then you laughed and most of the class laughed with you. That day would stay stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

You would never realise the damage you did to me. I held strong for 4 years but that last comment would change me for the rest of my life. I stopped trying, not just in school but in life. My self worth plummeted and self harming became a daily thing. My last year of comp you dropped me out of your class and it was the best thing you ever did for me. That I can’t thank you enough for.

All these years later your name still sends shivers down my spine and tears sting my eye’s. I still hear your voice, humiliating me and telling me how pathetic I am. But now I know how wrong you were. I am worth so much more than you will ever be. I am kind and caring. I may not have a cure to my illnesses but I’m beating them every single day because my life is worth living!!


The Pupil You Never Gave A Chance…

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10 thoughts on “Dear Teacher”

  1. Oh my god! I felt sick just reading some of what you were put through by this ‘teacher’. That is absolutely disgusting. I am so angry for you!! Is this person still in education?
    I can’t imagine being put through that much sickening abuse at any age, but even less so as a teenager.
    What a remarkable woman you are coming through all of that.
    I wish I knew what to say to you, or could take away these scars from you.
    Sending much much love xxx

    1. No thankfully, they’ve passed away now, but when I saw alot of post’s on facebook a while back on what an ‘amazing’ teacher it totally triggered me!!!!!!! Thankyou so much lovley, your support really helps me get the courage to write these types of posts!! xxx

  2. I’m so sorry you had to deal with an “adult” like that. You are an amazing woman. Granted, I don’t know your scars, but I do know trauma like that makes you more sensitive to help others. Love you!

  3. My son has a teacher like this–not to this extreme, but she calls him out in class and makes ‘aside’ comments to the class about him. I have no doubt he’s disruptive at times, he’s on the spectrum and has a hard time tempering his behaviors. We’ve brought it up with the principal and she raves about the teacher and how she’s a model that all the other teachers want to emulate. She tells us ours isn’t the only kid with autism. We discuss this openly at home with our son (14 y.o.) and he has a good attitude about it. He recognizes that she’s acting immaturely and he doesn’t let him bother him (much). He has one more week in the class and then he’ll never have that teacher again.

    1. I’m so sorry you son has to go through that. It took a while for my parents to get it through to the head before they finally spoke to mine. Regaurdless of how his temprement is being on the spectrum the teacher shouldn’t be in the job if they don’t have the respect for pupils like your son. we are currently going through the process of my son being assessed as he’s also on the spectrum, I’m hoping he doesnt go through what myself and your son has. Sending so much love to your son, I hope the week goes fast so he can get away from such an awful teacher!!!

    1. I totally agree, some just shouldn’t be in the job!!
      Oh thankyou for sharing, I’ll go and read through now!! xx

  4. You are breaking
    my heart. Im a retired teacher, and I sure hope I made every student to feel important and capable of achieving what they wanted.

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