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Hey beauties!!

Welcome back for episode 8 of cuppa and chat!!! This week we have the breath-taking Deandre James from The Black Princess Diaries here to share with us some ‘Black Owned Makeup Brands’ for all my guys and gals out there with deeper skin tones. I absolutly love the concept of this post as I love having something for EVERYONE. Also it’s great to learn about products that I wouldn’t know about. So let’s see what this beauty reccomends!!

Shop Black-Owned: Makeup Brands To Add To Your List

Being not only a black woman but a dark skinned black woman, it can be so hard to find products and makeup brands that suit my skin. It’s no secret that the makeup industry favors more toward the fair skin color. Even companies that assume to cater to darker skin tones, really only cater to the lightest of skin tones and not so much darker tones. Although more and more brands are finally expanding their shades, they could never beat that of a black-owned brand. Who knows the struggle of being black trying to find your shade other than a black person themselves!? With that being said, if you’re new to makeup or just need to find more black-owned makeup companies to support, then check out these companies below!

Fenty Beauty was created by Rihanna and I’ve been in love ever since. She has had the most variety that, I personally, ever seen. She even has shades that are perfect for people with albinism. Although new products are consistently being put out, my favorite will always be her soft matte foundation and highlight in Trophy Wife.

Juvia’s place was created by Chichi Eburu. The inspirations of the makeup are inspired by Africa as a whole and it’s beauty. You can also tell just by looking at the beautiful designs displayed on the eyeshadow palettes. There are still so many products that I still need to try, but my favorite products are the eyeshadow palettes. I love the chocolate browns especially. If you’re looking for a true gold shadow, I would get a palette from here. The golds from her palettes look so good against dark skin.

Beauty Bakerie was created by Cashmere Nicole, and it’s a brand that might just make you hungry. I have yet to get my hands on a product of hers, but just going on the website you can see the amounts of creativity. I also highly recommend you check out her story on the websites “about me” page just to get a little more feel of the woman behind this black-owned business.

If you didn’t realize how creative black people were, it should be no question now. Created by Raynell “Supa” Steward, her palettes will bring you back to elementary school when having that 64 pack of crayons made you the envy of all your friends. Buying products for school looks a whole lot different with this brand!

Mented is a black-owned brand that I just newly discovered. The brand was created by KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson. Just looking through the website, I already see plenty of items I must get my hands on myself! Even better, if you’re a fan of Jackie Aina, then you might just become a fan of this brand as well because she says it’s the best makeup for women of color. A must add to your list and mines as well.

There are so many more black-owned brands to try out, but just to keep this post from being miles long, I stuck with 5. Please do your research and Google more brands to try and support. Not a lot of brands cater to us, and it’s time we give money to the ones made for us and by us.

WOW thanks girl for sharing so many awesome brands!! I haven’t tried any of these yet so I best get my socks on and get me some!!! Have you tried any of these beauties?? Let me know in the comments. I must admit, I NEVER see majourly deep skintone colours in the shops these days, hopfully this will change and make makeup shopping more fun for those with darker skin!!

See you next week beauts!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

Deandra is a blogger and creator of The Black Princess Diaries. She blogs about many different niches from beauty, to open discussion topics, and even poetry. If you want to connect with her, you can follow her on her social media! 





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