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Hey beauties!! Welcome back for episode 6 of Cuppa&Chat featuring Catarina from Beauty Of Cafe 205. Catarina reached out to me interested in becoming a guest here so we decided to a post swap!! We chose to both list 5 products that we wouldn’t buy again in 2020 after not enjoying them last year. So you know the drill, get your cuppa and munchies and when you finish reading, don’t forget to pop over to Catarina’s blog to see what product’s I wrote about!!

Today’s post is going to be about five products that I won’t be buying again in 2020. All the brands that I’ve mentioned in this post create great products but these were a flop for me. I will be using them until I finished them of course. I would love to know if you have used products that I’ve mentioned and if so which one and did you like it?


I remember seeing this product everywhere on youtube on the beautyblogs even on ads. And yes it’s the L.A. Girl Pro Prep Primer at first I was so excited to even buy the product because everyone was raving about it, transparant and silicone texture a little bit thick. After applying I leave it for a bit because usually I’m doing my eyebrows first. After I’m done with my eyebrows I look at myself in the mirror and I would have all these dry patches and white. It’s just a NO go for me.


I have posted many blog post about Aruba Aloe products, they make some good and a few of my favorites products. When they introduced their Mineral sunscreens they also introduced the new formulated Aruba Aloe Mineral Lipbalm spf15. I don’t like it because it hard to apply and leaves a white cast on your lips not flattering at all. So I pass on that one as well.


Initially when I bought this Pure Silk Tea Tree Oil & Mint shampoo I bought it with the idea that maybe my hair will feel refreshed and my scalp cooling because it has mint in it. But in actuality it does nothing for my hair it doesn’t moisturize , doesn’t clean just makes my hair very dry and tacky. Won’t be buying this again that’s for sure!


I’ve mentioned this before Italia Deluxe makes good affordable makeup I love their brand so much. I saw this at a shop and my mind went on the Stila Liquid Eyeshadow. When I tried this Italia Deluxe Miss Metal GlitterShock Liquid Eyeshadow the first time and it was too liquid almost like water eventhough it has good pigmentation, you just have to know how to work with it. I don’t hate this product but I wish it had a thicker or gel like consistency.


During the Holidays I went to the pharmacy to pick up a few things, when you got to the counter you see all these cute things to trick you to buy it. I bought the Scenabella Cherry Blossom Dream Body Mist at first you smell this lovely scent, floral but sweet after a few seconds you smell just alcohol. I only use this body mist as a air freshener it contains to much alcohol.

I hope you enjoyed this post I almost never do post like this and also I would love to thank Mrs.SleeJones for wanting to this collab post with me??

Thanks so much Catarina for your honest reviews on these products!! Well what do you think beauties, have you tied any of these?? Do you have products you wont be repurchasing this year?? Let us know in the comments!! See you next week for another chat!! If you’d like me to review any products for you please let me know!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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