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Hey Beauties!! It’s Cuppa&Chat time again.

Do you ever feel like your word’s get you into trouble on times?? Or maybe you say something and later think it may have come across abit harsh?? As the saying goes ‘Think before you speak’. Not exactly easy isit!! It’s like when you do something and get angry at yourself while shounting ‘FUCK A DUCK MUN!’ and turn round to see your child standing behind you…. Just me??… I didn’t think so haha!!

This week we have the lovely Sallie Moffitt with Pruning My Words sharing a relatable story on how she learnt to stop and think about how what she say’s to other’s.

You know the drill!! Get the kettle on, get a cuppa and grab a munch!!


I once had a peach tree. One winter I decided to remove the old, overgrown branches. I took my lopping shears and chopped off a few unwanted limbs. The sharp blade sliced through the wood with ease, so I cut off a few more branches. I grabbed my pruning shears and snipped off several twigs and shoots. I kept clipping and cutting until I had a pile of sticks on the ground.  

By the next autumn, my peach tree was dead. My excessive, careless pruning had killed the fruit tree. The numerous cuts and openings had allowed diseases and insects to infect it and kill it.   

I have found this same principle applies to my words. My harsh tone can shear off another person’s confidence. My biting, vicious words can trim back their self-esteem. My razor-sharp words can slice apart their ability to make their own decision when I tell them what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

My words have consequences

When I speak that way, I create a judgmental atmosphere where no one feels comfortable being themselves or expressing their feelings. I’ve realized that I am not responsible for solving other people’s problems or making them happy. If I am picking at the faults of others, I need to ask myself, “What’s going on with me?”

Pruning a tree can be beneficial. It can remove sucker branches and get rid of diseased areas. But it must be done with care. Similarly, I must use my words for what really matters. I must think before I speak and avoid petty worries, minor irritations and baseless judgments. I need to determine which situations are important and need my attention and which don’t. If it isn’t going to be important to me in 30 days, then it probably isn’t worth troubling myself with now.

Using my words to tell other people how I would handle the situation only alienates them.  I need to let others make decisions for themselves, even if I believe they are making a wrong one. What I may view as a disaster may turn out to be insignificant.

I will choose my words carefully

My words can be either the razor-sharp blade of my pruning shears or the gentle hand of a gardener guiding a tree’s growth. My words nurture growth and development when I encourage people and focus on what they did right. When I choose my words carefully, I use them to help people grow. When I don’t, I can destroy them—like I did my peach tree.

I absolutely love this story and lesson on how Sallie learnt to ‘prune’ her words. She really has made it a relatable and easy to understand story. What do you think guy’s and gal’s?? Let me know in the comments!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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Sallie Moffitt is an award-winning published author. Her essays have appeared in literary journals and anthologies, and she has written several articles for trade publications. She writes essays about family drama and blogs about dealing with difficult people.



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3 thoughts on “Cuppa&Chat Episode 13 – Pruning My Words Featuring Sallie Moffitt”

  1. Thank you, Mrs. Slee-Jones, for publishing my post. I am grateful to be a guest blogger on Cuppa&Chat and thankful for the opportunity to share PRUNING MY WORDS with your readers. My mouth gets me into a lot of trouble. I hope my post can help others avoid my mistakes. Thanks, Sallie.

  2. Dears, I think this was so thoughtfully written, it is hard to imagine that this won’t lessen with time and practice. Ms Moffitt obviously cares a great deal about people’s rational feelings and reactions, so maybe it would be okay to begin saying, “Historically, some poorly chosen words *have gotten* me into trouble, and now I am choosing my words more thoughtfully.” Because we can all give ourselves the grace of putting the past in the past so long as we are actively improving our present. Do you think so?

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