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Hey Beauties!! Episode 10, wow!! I didn’t realise this would actually take off like it has!! Thanks for all the support!!.. This week we have the lovley Steff from SteffsJourney When Steff had invterest in being a guest on Cuppa&Chat we decided to do a complete blog swap based on Healthy Eating as it is something that’s in both our lives. We wrote eachother a meal plan of our faves from breakfast, dinner, tea and snacks. So let’s check out what Steffs suggested for me!!

You know the drill (or atleast you should by now haha!!) Get the cuppa’s and snacks out!!

FIY – in the UK or atleast in Wales haha we say our meals in different ways to the US ect, so to not confuse anyone.. Breakfast is the same.. Lunch is Dinner and Dinner is Tea.

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A Full Day’s Health Meal Plan

A while ago, the lovely Rhiannon from Mrs Slee Jones invited me to do a guest post swap. We agreed to write about the topic of healthy eating as it features quite heavily in both of our lives. We chose to write each other a healthy meal plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. I can’t wait to see what she chooses!


My go-to breakfast when I’m being super healthy is this: Greek yoghurt, fresh starwberries and raspberries, crushed pecans and pumpkin seeds and honey. It’s soooooo tasty and it keeps you full until lunchtime easily. So it helps me to cut out the biscuit I started having with my mid-morning coffee! It’s also a good source of fats, proteins and fibres so it’s an all-round winner for me!

For this one, I used frozen raspberries and cherries!


One of the tastiest lunches I’ve made to date was, believe it or not, a salad! This is what I put into it, but obviously you can mix it up as much or as little as you please! I had spinach, cucumber, baby plum tomatoes, sweetcorn, beetroot and pink slaw with some chopped up chicken breast. If you make a decent sized portion, it will also keep you full for quite a while, and it’s also quite cheap to make too! I sometimes followed it up with an Activia yoghurt and a pink lady apple.

I love seeing so many different colours in one dish!


One of my absolute favourite dinners is chilli con carne! Made from scratch, it’s so reassuring knowing exactly what has gone into my food and, personally, I think it makes it more enjoyable too! Alongside the obvious beef mince (5% fat), onions, and red kidney beans, I added chickpeas to bulk it up. I do like chilli with rice but on a few occasions I made fresh guacamole to go with it and had a pitta or naan bread with it. Yes I know the naan bread is an odd combination but please believe me that a peshwari naan with chilli is delicious! My fresh guac contained half an avocado, baby plum tomatoes, spring onions, lime juice and a fresh chilli.


For snacks, I always have fruit handy. My faves are Pink Lady apples, Conference pears, red or black grapes and bananas. Otherwise, I like to snack on cashew nuts, Graze protein bites (the chocolate ones are ah-mazing but the peanut ones are fairly nice too!), or these cranberry cereal bars from Tesco. They’re really tasty and fairly cheap too so a winner all-round for me!

Give them a try! They’re gorgeous!

Well that’s about it I think! Do you have a healthy meal plan you’d like to share? Or ideas for any of the individual meals? Let us know in the comments, I’m always on the lookout for inspiration! After relapsing with Myasthenia Gravis and being put back on high-dose steroids long-term, I could do with any help I can get to keep the weight gain at bay! Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time, Steff xx

This looks sooooo tasty!! I love cooking with whole foods and seeing colourful plates!! What do you think?? What’s your fave go to healthy meal/snack?? Let us know in the comments!! Don’t forget to check out Steffs Blog and see what my go to meals are!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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Hi! I’m Steff, a full-time working mum to 3 and part-time blogger. I blog about anything and everything, mainly lifestyle, health, family and blogging! Hope you enjoy reading ❤️ Xx




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8 thoughts on “Cuppa&Chat Episode 10 – Healthy Meals With Steff”

  1. Doing a guest post swap is good idea, I wonder why I haven’t seen many other bloggers do that.

    Unfortunately, I can’t do any of the healthy meal suggestions as I’m reactive hypoglycemic, and need to eat completely differently to everyone else who are trying to eat healthy.

    1. You’re always welcome to be a guest on here!!

      Oh never, I’m hyperglacemic so it can be very frustrating finding the right foods.

    2. I’m also hypoglycemic and it sucks! My sugars bottom out a lot when they definitely shouldn’t be. It makes things difficult :/

  2. Chilli is my absolute go to. I make a huge batch most weeks but with about 5 different beans in it. I then serve with different things each day. The chilli just gets better each day as it’s flavours develop!


  3. Great read.
    I do agree the salad does tend to fill you up.
    Home made is always the best but being a working mum as well it’s always hard to do so everyday. I tend to cook in bulk and eat leftovers through the week.

  4. I love grapes, well seedless ones. I buy them and then forget I have them and they spoil. It’s my issue with a lot of things in my fridge. I definitely have to work on being more mindful when it comes to eating and meal prep. That lunch looks delicious!

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