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Anyone else still wondering where the past year has gone?? Good I’m glad it’s not just me!! It’s absolutely flown and I’m still dumbstruck at how it’s almost christmas eve again.

It’s been a hectic few weeks in the lead up to christmas this year, usually im on the ball and so organized!! But this year I feel like I’ve hardly had the time to breath let alone get everything in order for the big man in a suit to arrive. I’ve done hardly any wrapping, I still need to pick up bits and bobs and I have to do the food shop. All in 2 days to go. Ohh and let’s not forget the cleaning!! Anyone else excited for those sodding naughty elves to pissoff back to the northpole??!! I AM!!!

Annual Christmas Eve New PJ’s Selfie from 2018

Thuesday night cant come quick enough. This year my In-laws are coming over chrstmas eve instead on boxing day so we get to open presents and have a few cheeky drinks. But nothing beats when my mam shows up with a curry!! Every year without fail she makes everyone a curry. Stange how as british people we associate christmas eve with a curry at our house!!

After curry and the In-Laws going home we’ll be getting back on track with our normal traditions. New PJ’s are an absolute MUST. Have to be looking our best for santa now musn’t we!! Nice hot chocolate, some munchies (It’s christmas so why not right!) and a christmas film. We’re yet to decide what this years christmas eve film will be. You can check out what some of our faves are HERE.

After a film it will be into bed to wait for santa!! Let the excitment begin!! Do you have any christmas eve traditions?? What have you got planned?? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you all have an amazing christmas beauties!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Traditions”

  1. Ha, I think that new pjs are popular the world over–I bought some for myself, and now when I go back to the Nordstrom website where I purchased them, they’re entirely sold out.
    Sounds like you have some great traditions. It’s funny how peculiar things like curry make their way into a Christmas tradition. I celebrated Christmas in Hong Kong, and we actually had Christmas pudding for desert (made in the UK!) Not exactly a tradition, but I thought it seemed oddly unexpected.

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