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Time for another Mini Review!! This is the second in my new series and, this time I have a children’s book for you.

Build With Bricks by Ray Price

Build with bricks childrens book.

Build With Bricks tells us the story of Mudball, a little piglet who gets gifted a brick every year for his birthday. Odd I know!! And I think that Mudball thinks the same!! As he gets older, he has a pile of bricks and is finally gifted some tools and sent to go ‘build’. But why did his parents gift him bricks and what is he meant to do with them?? Read the story and find out the hidden messege behind his parents actions. Could there be an important life lesson to be learnt??

What did we think of the book??

I read this with the sprogs (11 and 12) and the 3 of us loved the story, it even had some LOL moments!! We laughed and awed as we read through and, I was surprised at the end when both sprogs gave me their thoughts on the story.

They both said that they had learned from the story that you can make anything out of something and you should always appreciate the small things in life. You can be whatever you want as long as you work hard.

I recommend this book for ages 3 up to pre-teens. You never know what a child will learn from a story at any age. This is such a great coming of age book!!

You can get your own copy by clicking the image below. (af)

Meet the author

I sent over some questions to Ray so we could get to know a bit more about him and see where he got his inspiration from for his book, Building With Bricks.

1. What made you become an Author??

That is a really good question. I have always enjoyed writing and loved entertaining people with my stories.

I remember when I was in elementary school, I used to write and fill up notebooks with all kinds of stories. So I would definitely encourage anyone who enjoys writing to stick to it. I used to read to my daughter’s kindergarten classroom as a guest parent reader and after doing that a couple of times, my daughter Alivya asked me “Hey daddy, I know you are a writer and wrote plays in college, can you write a story for me?” So my passion for writing and my daughter’s request made me want to become a writer.

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2. How did you come up with this story??

For my first children’s picture book, I want to write a familiar, relatable story. My father used to read to me The Three Little Pigs when I was a child. I loved the lesson of hard work that the story told and I wanted to give my spin on that classic story for modern times.

Build with Bricks is a coming to age story about how hard work pays off. The book covers a lot of different ideas through the illustrations and text.

Mudball’s parents are red and blue which combined create a cute purple pig. The mother is an intelligent female character who Mudball looks to for guidance. I made Mudball’s gender none specific because I wanted it that anyone could be able to relate with Mudball. And there are more ideas that the story approaches so it’s definitely meant for multiple reads.

3. What is the main lesson you hope young readers will take away from this story??

The main lesson is that there are no shortcuts to working hard. It’s easy to want to be a social media icon but focus on building your dreams. You might not understand what your parents are telling you but it will all make sense one day. Be patient and work hard.

4. What is your favourite thing about writing??

My favorite thing about writing is the freedom of expression. I really enjoy creating these characters and worlds. It’s like a toy box where I get to put together my own story. It is very fun and rewarding. I love hearing what people think about my stories and what they get out of them. My stories spark conversations and I hope they inspire others.

5. Do you have any more books planned??

Yes, I actually am working on a series of children’s books with the first one releasing later this year called My Brother is a Werewolf.

That story is about a young girl named Brie who accidentally turns her younger brother into a werewolf. We all know younger brothers can be disgusting, little monsters. But now she has to deal with a younger brother who is a disgusting real monster. And she has to clean werewolf poop up lol. So she is determined to undo her mistake.

It is a really fun story and if you follow me on Twitter you will see some updates on that story.

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6. A bit of fun – if you could have any super power, what would it be and why??

I always liked the ability to control metal. I think it’s a cool power because our world is filled with metallic objects. I could build and move things and hopefully save people.

Check out Rays social media and don’t miss any upcoming stories!!

Twitter – PersonalBook Account

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