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So this is my FIRST book review I’ve done on the blog. I haven’t been asking to do this by no means but I was honored to be part of the BETA readers for this book and have since re-read the book since it’s been published and I have to say, it is INCREDIBLE!!

How epic is the books cover!!!!

‘Stephanie Costas has always had a passion for humanity. As a digital forensics examiner, she fights bad guys from the technical front. When a closed cold case is dug up, she finds herself becoming consumed to set things right. No amount of eighties music or repeated viewings of her favorite movie Dirty Dancing were enough to distract her. She needed a vacation in the worst of ways.
When she set foot in the gorgeous tropical resort in Greece, she had no idea she’d meet a man claiming to be Hades, god of the Underworld. And she certainly had no idea that he was telling the truth. Her Greek vacation was about to become very…interactive.
A Hades/Persephone re-imagining’.

You can get your copy of Hades here.

My Thought’s

From a young age I have loved all book’s that were based on Fantasy/Mythical tales. I’d read book after book wondering if any of the characters could be real. When Carly first told me of her idea about a modern version on Greek God’s I was instantly interested. I’ve grown up loving Greek Mythology and the idea of a story set in real time was very intriguing!!

From the first chapter I can honestly say I was hooked!! Something that doesn’t happen often. The characters, mainly Steph and Hades we so relatable to myself that it made the book even more enjoyable.

Steph is your typical workaholic that never takes that much needed break. She is committed to getting to the bottom of every single case and she just can’t say ‘No’ to anyone. She comes across so shy and conservative when she first arrives at the resort but we soon see that once Hades arrives, there is a side to Steph that not even she knew she had. What would you do if you met the god of the underworld??

This book is full of action, romance, on the edge of your seat moments. I found myself constantly wanting more!! I even had some Laugh Out Loud moments!!

Carly is an exceptional writer especially when it comes to detail. Throughout the book I felt as thought I was in the pages watching it at a distance. Little detail’s like scenery and Greek facts really brings the book to life. You can feel the passion between Steph and Hades characters oozing out of the pages. Many times I sat with a lump in my throat from the tension as I read through the pages of this epic twist of fate. You are sure to have a whole new outlook on Hades and I guarantee that by the end of this book you’ll hav fallen in love with him!!

If you’re into steemy romance, action, Greek Mythology, contempary novels then this will NOT dissapoint!!! This is one book you need to read. And for such a small price, it is worth every single penny and more!! Grab your copy below.

PPPSSSSTT!!!! There’s more to come!! Keep an eye out for the next in the series. Who will be the next Greek God to steal our hearts??

Here’s some info on Carly

Carly is an adult romance writer who has been writing since she could pick up a pencil. After the insanity of obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree in cybersecurity, creating worlds to escape to still ate at her very soul. She started writing FanFiction (which can still be found if you scour the internet ? ), and soon felt the need to get her original ideas on paper. And so the adventure began.

She lives in Colorado with her husband and two fur babies, and revels in an enemies to lovers trope with a slow burn.

Go show Carly some love on social media. You can find her awesome-self on Twitter!! You can also find everything you need to know about her and her other books at her site HERE.

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17 thoughts on “Book Review – Hades By Carly Spade”

    1. I love the way you’ve put this post together. You’ve made it really clear and accessible to get a copy of the book and you’ve enlarged important information. I love when i come across a really accessible post that isn’t long or hard to read!!!!! Xxxxx

      1. Thankyou so much for that comment!! I’ve really been considering making post’s that aren’t too long and get my point across 😀 xxxx

  1. Honestly, I have never been a fan of fantasy stories. But somehow, your review of the book is so good that it makes me feel like I want to read the book out right away.

  2. Hi Rhiannon
    I love Greek mythology fiction, but haven’t read any of Carly’s yet. Your post here has surely given me the tickle… Will read it…

  3. This book sounds amazing!! I’ve always thought Hades was an interesting character in Greek mythology, and the Hades/Persephone relationship has always fascinated me, too. I love that this is a modern retelling of that classic romance! Will definitely have to give it a read! This review was so great as well!! ??

    1. Same, and it’s quite surprising the different side that you see of him in this book too. It gives a very relatable outlook to him!!

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