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Back when I was a sprog I’d spend my days at the local park climbing trees, building fortes, playing fighting with sticks and using my imagination to make up games. I’d spend hours at a time out with friends and I knew it was time to come home when the street lights came on!! Anyone had that as their time to go home clock??

These days kids spend all their time and energy on tablets, game consoles, phones or watching TV. When they do go out with friends they spend most of that time on their phones taking Snapchats or TikToks (photo and video social apps for my older readers who don’t know). There’s no wonder that more kids today need glasses from constant screen time than back 20 years ago.

I’ve also noticed as a mum of 2 that kids are more in the know about relationships too. Now I know growing up we all had crushes or that boyfriend that you only saw in the school yard to hold hands with (unless you were like me at that age and couldn’t think of anything worse than holding a boys hand haha!). Yes it’s ‘cute’ when your 3 year old comes home from nursery saying she has a boyfriend, but when your 11 year old is actually breaking his heart because so-and-so told his girlfriend he cheated on her but he didn’t and now she’s dumped him so he’s been crying in school. I mean how does this even happen at that age?!

Story Time

So today I went to pick the sprogs up from school. As we we’re leaving my son’s teacher aka sprog 1 asked for a chat. Now we all dread this moment and as we walk towards them we smile whilst gritting out teeth wondering what the hell they’ve done now?!

So he goes on to tell me that my 9 year old daughter aka sprog 2, was crying at break time because sprog 1’s girlfriend dumped him and it was his fault. Then that sprog 1 was crying because he had upset said girlfriend and they’ve been on and off for months.

On the walk home they both told me that all this is because sprog 1 thought another girl was good looking so that was cheating and now it’s all his fault he hasnt got a girlfriend. He is 11 years old people!! Why are kids even worrying over this stuff at that age?? What is the world coming to?!

This is exactly when the rate of teen pregnancy is getting higher each year. Why more children are failing at school. Obviously there are alot of other factors to go along with it but this is crazy!! What happened to kids being kids??

What’s your opinions on the way children are ageing these days?? Let me know in the comments!! I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind at this rate!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx

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7 thoughts on “Are Children Growing Up Too Quick”

  1. Omg!! That’s horrible. My little girl is just 06 months old & I’m starting to fear her future.
    I think even school plays a part in this. When other students do the same.. they just try to blend in.. 😣

    Much Love,
    Farzanah Mohamed ♥️

    1. Oh I totally agree with school playing a part. I think they learn sex education and things too early and are wayy too aware of older things that theres no need for these days!! xx

  2. Yes! I hate games and social media for this reason….they are over-exposed and it steals their childhood. My 5 yr old came home from school and told me she was “crushing” a boy in her class. I thought I died. It’s so hard to let them just be kids when everything around them forces them to grow up so quickly. Great post!
    Morgan @

    1. Exactly, I purposely didn’t buy my kids tablets for that exact reason untill they were atleast 8!! I didn’t want to get them then but the school insisted as they could access learning apps but at the same time I don’t want them missing out on other things that their friends are doing too. It’s sad to see them grow up so quick these days!! Thankyou!! x

  3. Honestly, I can’t remember ever getting so emotional about it at 10. I had a boyfriend and by boyfriend I mean we played Pokemon cards in my bedroom and held hands, we may have kissed on the lips once but didn’t care about anything else and no one ‘cheated’ on each other. How times have changed!

    Katt x

    1. It’s absolutely crazy how it’s changed!! They come hoome sometimes and say things and I cant even work out where they’re getting it from!!! xx

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