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Welcommeeee to my blog!


My name is Rhiannon

aka Mrs. Slee-Jones

Im a 28 year old woman from the very wet country of Wales. I have a very random thought pattern where I go from being that responsible adult planning my monthly outgoings to obsessing over the fact that I dont understand why a vicar can marry and have sex but a nun cant (don't ask!). Throughout my life I have been through some life changing experiences with my health leading me to be abit of a medical mystery!! Now i live my life day by day with invisible chronic illnesses and my own struggle with mental health.ย 

I have the most amazing husband a woman could ask for!! My Gavalahhh is my saviour and got me out of my darkest time. He is 10000000% my soulmate!! (sloppyness alert!!)

He is my main inspiration behind me starting my blog. From a young age I've loved writting, anything to escape right?! But he encouraged me every day to finally get my voice out there and put down all the things going through my mind.

And as you can see, he is just as crazy as me!!
And as you can see, he is just as crazy as me!!

Let's not forget the sprogs... My 2 crazy kids Ril and Molls. Age 11 and 9 they drive me insane on times but I love them unconditionally. I'm sure they are going to pop up in many posts!!

So heres what you really need to know.. I plan on writing a no boundries blog about my life as a mother, daughter, wife, living with an invisible illness, has plenty of mental health issues, who enjoys playing with makeup and likes to travel, with as much humor and rawness as possible!!

I really hope you enjoy your inside to my crazy little world!!

Much Love - Mrs Slee-Jones

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